Warren Proposes ‘Free’ Child Care Paid by the Wealthy & Fairy Dust


Indian woman, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will unveil a “sweeping plan for universal childcare” on Tuesday, according to the Huffington Post and Bloomberg. Providers — undoubtedly favored ones — will receive “federal funds to providers that offer care at their facilities on a sliding income scale.”

Leaked details include:

No family would have to spend more than 7 percent of its household income on childcare, no matter the number of kids

Families with incomes below twice the poverty line, which is roughly $50,000 a year for a family of four, would pay nothing.

Only providers that meet federal safety, staffing and curriculum standards could qualify for the funding. [It will be like another Head Start]

It will cost — very, very conservatively — $700 billion over ten years if everything Warren thinks will happen does take place, according to her campaign. In reality, they haven’t a clue.  They are counting on more people going to work, bringing in revenue, which means even their estimates are much higher.

It will be a dramatic increase over what the Feds pay now – four times as much.

Warren will steal from the rich to pay for it. Since there are only 2,200 billionaires in the country, they won’t be paying it. The wealth tax could well be unconstitutional and Congress probably won’t pass it.

This is another big government program to redistribute wealth. It’s another entitlement to send the message to people that they are entitled to steal other peoples’ wealth.

Kamala Harris wants the rich to pay other peoples’ rent and all the Democrat candidates so far want free college, free healthcare, and tons more welfare as the borders remain open.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Buying votes with other people’s money and outflanking Ivanka Trump with giveaways, phony family values.