Warren says ex-health insurance employees can sell life or auto insurance


Without any way to make it happen, Elizabeth Warren explained where the millions of lost jobs will go after she abolishes the private health insurance most Americans like. She was asked about it and her answer was they will go work in life insurance and car insurance because there’s no difference and there are millions of jobs in those industries?

“If you’ve had a chance to read the plan, you will see no one gets left behind,” Warren explained. “Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance.”

“Some will work for Medicaid,” she continued. “And there is a five-year transition [of] support for everyone because what this is about is how we strengthen America’s middle class and how we make sure that in transitions no one gets left behind.”


The fake Indian wants you to go look at her plan and you should, but she has lipstick all over that pig.  Dr. Alieta Eck said it will crash the healthcare system and she explains why. People really need to read the actual bill that Bernie sponsored since that is the one the candidates are signing up for with the exception — for now — of Joe Biden. It will provide entitlements to all residents of the U.S. and its territories, and everyone in the world who comes here illegally (Biden will also provide health insurance to people here illegally).

People will come here for the free healthcare until it crashes the system, which won’t take long.

Everything Warren comes up with turns all decisions over to Big Unaccountable Government and eliminates choice although she will dishonestly tell you it doesn’t.

Private insurance companies are accountable. Once she destroys the private insurance companies there will be no place to go, but the government. They will control your life and death decisions.


Warren is hard-left and if she gets to do what she wants, she will destroy the economy. She likes to say she is a capitalist since she won’t actually take over the private companies. She will just control everything they do.

Her healthcare plan is fantastical. The rich aren’t going to pay, the middle-class will rebel, and the people here illegally she gives amnesty to won’t pay the difference as she claims. It’s absurd.

Warren is getting creamed on social media. Right and left should understand this can’t work. It’s a hard-left fantasy. Someone, please find a way to free liberals from the grasp of the hard-left.

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