Warren says you owe us your $$$ Since YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT


‘You didn’t build that’ is Elizabeth Warren’s new slogan. All the people who were successful owe her and her thieving socialists a lot of money because everyone invested in them by educating them, building their roads, putting out their fires.

Excuse me, but didn’t all those people get paid already and how is she going to see to it that the money she steals drips down to everyone? She plans to punish success, pay off her voting block — gays, blacks, prisoners, mommies with children, and Native Americans — with trillions of our money while we are 23 trillion in debt and can’t pay that off.

She made the remarks while defending the “wealth tax” she seeks to implement to pay for, among other things, reparations for gays, blacks, Asian woman, and Native Americans, and universal childcare. We also have her free college, free healthcare, college loan forgiveness,  free fast Broadband, free daycare for every newborn, and much more.

This will all be paid for by the 585 billionaires in the U.S., along with all their companies too.

No way do the rich pay for all this. She will take everyone’s money and the economy will still crash and burn

Warren is running on Universal daycare, Universal health care, Universal income (in Green New Deal), Universal jobs program (in GND), “Free college,” real resources for opioid addiction, ultra-millionaire tax, infrastructure expenditures which will help the GND as they tear all the buildings down, open borders, reparations for anyone who isn’t white,  and she wants our guns.

Just in case you think she’s cranky, she reassures people at most stops that she isn’t.

I don’t know if you remember, but she is a bald-faced liar. Remember when she said she is a Native American to get ahead? She’s Princess Lies-a-Lot.

Her fake bar app — that she filled out

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