Warren to Make Taxpayers Fund ‘Entitled’ Inmates’ Transgender Surgeries


Imprisoned criminals deserve your tax dollars for their transgender surgeries since they are “entitled,” so says the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. She’s pandering as usual. Chief Warren will pander to anyone who will vote for her and she will say anything. Her latest is to pander to prison inmates.

There isn’t enough money in the world to cover all the promises she’s throwing out there. Worse than that, she expects the hard-working American to pay her her full-blown socialist, Maduro-like agenda.

Warren claimed on Thursday night that criminals who are locked up in prison are “entitled” to taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery while they are in prison. Her excuse is it’s healthcare.

Warren made the remark when she was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo about her previous stance that it was wrong for American taxpayers to have to pay for transgender inmates to get gender reassignment surgery.

“Do you regret that?” Cuomo asked.“Yup,” Warren responded. “It was a bad answer [at the time]. I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need and that includes people who are transgender who, um, it is time for them to have [transgender] surgery. I just think that’s important.”

There you go. If the little lying socialist from Massachusetts says it’s important, you get to pay for it.

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