Washington Post: Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Is a “Grandstanding Phony”


Warren is “insulting, loud, pretentious, grandstanding” and she lied about school choice. That isn’t something we made up here at the Sentinel, it comes from The Washington Post and her own book!

Elizabeth Warren lied about Jeff Sessions to woo voters and she lied about her views on school choice when she assailed Betsy DeVos.

WaPo Allows a Devastating Attack on Warren

Before we get into Warren’s deceitful diatribe against DeVos, let’s explain why a WaPo writer called her a pretentious grandstanding phony.

It’s about her lies – blatant lies – about Senator Jeff Sessions. It’s amazing that the writer, Ed Rogers was allowed to post it on WaPo.

Rogers says invoking Rule 19 was the right thing to do and wonders when she suddenly became the senator for the oppressed. His belief is that it happened when she decided she would run for president in 2020. She’s trying to absorb the Bernie voters.

Rogers suggested she’s “just another tiresome Hillary Clinton” and he reminded the readers that she’s also “Pocahontas”. After criticizing the left for immediately calling opponents “racist”, he wrote that she is likely performing “stunts” to fundraise by being insulting and loud because that’s all she has. He also called her “egotistical, artificial and selfishly driven”.

She Wrote How Necessary School Choice Is

Her hypocrisy and phoniness takes us right back to her testimony against the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos and DeVos’s advocacy for school choice. The Warren deception over that is mind-blowing.

Schools that weren’t measuring up would lose funding, Warren said. That irked Warren who said to DeVos:

“Your history of support for policies that would drain valuable taxpayer resources from our public schools and funnel those funds to unaccountable private and for-profit education operators may well disqualify you from such a central role in public education.”

Warren chooses to not understand how school choice works — she’s lying.

She appears to be a hypocrite of immense proportions. Allen West uncovered the following information in her own book which shows her strong support for school choice.

In her 2003 book “The Two Income Trap,” she saw school choice as a necessity.  Her and her daughter argue in the book that children tied to schools by zip code lose out on a quality education because of income.

Warren writes: “A well-designed voucher program would fit the bill neatly. A taxpayer-funded voucher that paid the entire cost of educating a child (not just a partial subsidy) would open a range of opportunities to all children. . . . Fully funded vouchers would relieve parents from the terrible choice of leaving their kids in lousy schools or bankrupting themselves to escape those schools.”

She continues “Under current voucher schemes, children who do not use the vouchers are still assigned to public schools based on their zip codes. This means that in the overwhelming majority of cases, a bureaucrat picks the child’s school, not a parent. The only way for parents to exercise any choice is to buy a different home—which is exactly how the bidding wars started.”

“Short of buying a new home, parents currently have only one way to escape a failing public school: Send the kids to private school. But there is another alternative, one that would keep much-needed tax dollars inside the public school system while still reaping the advantages offered by a voucher program. Local governments could enact meaningful reform by enabling parents to choose from among all the public schools in a locale, with no presumptive assignment based on neighborhood. Under a public school voucher program, parents, not bureaucrats, would have the power to pick schools for their children—and to choose which schools would get their children’s vouchers.”

“An all voucher or all-school choice system would be a shock to the educational system, but the shake out just might be just what the system needs,” Warren assures us. We’re inclined to agree.

School choice was a bipartisan issue until Donald Trump became president, as Allen West noted.

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