Washington Post Had the Details of the Papadopoulos Indictment In August


The 29-year old indicted for lying by Mueller’s parallel DoJ operation in the Russia-Trump probe was possibly a naive and ambitious individual, and he appears to have been targeted by the Kremlin so they could get close to Trump. The media has been getting direct leaks and reporters like CNN’s Evan Perez have ties to Fusion GPS, which makes their information worth noting. In fact, by August, The Washington Post had almost every detail in the Muller indictment unsealed Monday.

If you click The Washington Post link and then click the link to the indictment on this page, you will be shocked by how much detail the Post had.

When is someone going to investigate the leaks?

The media wants readers to believe this Papadopoulos indictment is the proof of Trump-Russia collusion, but it isn’t.

You can read the indictment on this link to get the truth. CNN and other media blatantly invented facts to indict the Trump campaign and his son Donald Trump Jr. with inferences and innuendo. That is far from fact.

According to the document, Papdopoulos said his Russian contact, the “professor”, had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails. Ironically, as it turns out, the FBI has an unreported number of those ‘missing’ emails which they won’t release and which Judicial Watch is suing to acquire. How long they have had them is unknown.

The volunteer adviser learned he would be working with the campaign in early March 2016 but falsely claimed it was after his meeting with the “professor” around March 14, 2016, according to the document.

Papadopoulos also met with a Russian woman, introduced as Putin’s niece, and the professor on March 24th in London where he lived knowing of her ties to the Russian government.

On April 26, the professor told Papadopoulos about the thousands of emails.

Papadopoulos told investigators the professor was a nobody but knew in fact he was tied to Russian government officials.

From discussions with Trump campaign officials, Papadopoulos knew that improved relations with Russia was a goal of the Trump campaign agenda.

After his meeting on the 14th, he told a Trump campaign supervisor (CNN said through a leak that it is Sam Clovis) that Russians wanted a meeting with Trump and the supervisor said, “Great Work”.

On March 31, Papadopoulos attended a national security meeting, a committee which Sarah Sanders said only met the one time. Trump and other national security advisers attended.

On April 10th and 11th, Papadopoulos exchanged emails with his Russian contacts to say he was traveling to Russia on the 18th and hoped to meet with the Russian Duma. The response was that they were very pleased and would welcome better relations.

A meeting did take place in Russia with a person described as a contact to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Emails on the 22nd and 25th focused on a Trump-Putin meeting.

Why would Trump need the coffee boy to set up a meeting with Putin? The whole idea was ridiculous.

It was on the 26th that the professor said he had the “dirt” on Hillary. The communications with Trump campaign officials, Papadopoulos and the MFA contacts continued and then on June 1, a “high-ranking campaign official” referred him to the campaign supervisor because “[h]e is running point”. Running point for what you ask? Nothing as it turns out. Nothing happened.

In May, then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort rejected in May 2016 a proposal from Papadopoulos for Trump to meet, The Washington Post reported in mid-August. At the time, The Washington Post had every detail of the indictment revealed Monday, except they didn’t call it an indictment. It is information that had to have come from the Mueller team.

The Washington Post on August 14 also called Papadopoulos a mere volunteer and described his efforts being repeatedly rebuffed by the Trump campaign.

Basically, what you have is a low-level volunteer trying to set up a meeting with Putin and possibly acquire dirt on Hillary, none of which is illegal. His lying to the feds was illegal. It also looks like it fits the description Governor Huckabee ascribed to it as a nothing burger resulting from a small, inexperienced staff.

Communications continued through August with Russians agreeing to send someone to the U.S. to meet if the Trump meeting in Russia couldn’t be pulled off.

Certainly the meeting would not have been kept secret which makes these communications somewhat harmless though an experienced foreign policy advisor would have stayed away from the Russians.

Papadopoulos also tried to cover his tracks on Facebook with regards to the meetings.

The invitation to Russia received an outright ‘no’ from an unnamed senior Trump aide, the indictment read.

“We need someone to communicate that [Donald Trump] is not doing these trips. It should be someone low level in the campaign so as not to send any signal,” wrote the aide, who the senior policy adviser said was Manafort.

That was also quoted verbatim in the indictment.

CNN makes the inference that Papadopoulos had no credentials for a foreign policy position and the reason he was put on this committee, which met once, was to set up a back door to Russia. One must ask, why did they need the coffee boy to do it?

CNN also ties it into the Trump Tower meeting on June 9 with Donald Trump Jr. and some Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary. The meeting degenerated into an adoption-Magnitzsky Act lobbying effort. Three of the people at the meeting are tied to Fusion GPS. There is no evidence any information was obtained and Donald Jr. said a music promoter tied to a Russian music producer Trump Jr. knows set up the meeting. Some believe the meeting was a Fusion GPS set up.

Papadopoulos’ first trip to Russia was funded by someone but several subsequent requests were denied.

CNN tied Corey Lewandowski’s approval of a separate trip to Moscow by Carter Page [as an unofficial campaign representative] to this effort but there is no evidence of that.

So far it appears to be an ambitious young man and an inexperienced campaign bumbling their way around. Trips to Moscow were unwise but the President was eager, as were the Obama and Bush administrations before him, to reset the relationship with this very dangerous geopolitical foe.

There is no indication to date that Papadopoulos had anything to do with setting up the Trump Tower meeting.

The entire reason for these indictments is to get them to turn state’s evidence. It’s a fishing expedition.


Rep. Trey Gowdy wants to know why the people investigating crimes are committing crimes.

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