Washington Post Political Reporter Dave Weigel Has to Admit His Fake Narrative


Dave Weigel, who covers The Washington Post political news, tweeted a dishonest photo of the President’s crowd in Pensacola, Florida, last night. The photo was of the arena and was accompanied with dripping sarcasm about the lack of attendance. The only problem is, it was a photo taken hours before the President arrived. It’s actually amazing anyone was in the arena.

Weigel deleted the erroneous tweet below but the President caught a screenshot and here it is.

Other sites also retweeted the phony tweet with the lying photo. President Trump called them out with the actual photos of the arena while he spoke.

The Washington Post admitted the photo was dishonest. The President thinks Weigel should be fired. What say you?

Dave Weigl apologized but he still got his deceitful soundbite out, didn’t he? This is a daily media occurrence and often more than once a day. You can’t believe a thing they say.

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