Washington Post Reporter Plots with George Soros to Destroy Opposition


Allegedly “unbiased” reporter Janell Ross was caught plotting with George Soros operatives to promote the hard-left agenda. She spoke at the meeting of Socialists.

WaPo’s motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Is that what they’re looking to do? Kill off democracy? Did they know what she is up to?

The Washington Free Beacon published documents put out by Soros’ Democracy Alliance, a covert organization which provides a “safe place” for hard-left operators and funders to organize and further the leftist cause. The Socialist Alliance held a conference at a posh resort in California this past week.

The Conference documents Free Beacon obtained show that the organizers and operatives are focusing on DA races because they believe “…electing ultra-progressive prosecutors in cities across the country is of high importance to the deep-pocketed donors as part of their “resistance” efforts and 2018 strategy.

One surprise attendee and active participant was Janell Ross, an “impartial” reporter for the Washington Post. The list was supposed to be kept confidential.

According to the agenda published by the Beacon, Ross’ panel aimed to help the liberal attendees get “the economic narrative right” and was immediately followed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) speaking about on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Fox News reported.

The goal is to destroy the opposition, especially conservatives.

Currently the deep-pocketed leftists are scheming to take over district attorneys offices to control the U.S. justice system and law enforcement. They are targeting DA races in all key battleground states. DAs have tremendous power these days to control, to some degree, races, police forces, the entire legal system.

It’s key to turning the country into a Soros Socialist nightmare. It’s not only the justice system they are after. They want a PERMANENT PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY BY TURNING BATTLEGROUND STATES BLUE AS THEY HAVE WITH VIRGINIA.

The conference agenda gave an “early peek at more than 30 hot races” that overlap in key 2018 battlegrounds.

They have in the past targeted district attorney races in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. Recently they poured $2 million into the Philadelphia DA race to get a hard-left activist, Larry Krasner, elected. As a lawyer, he has represented the most extreme groups like the Occupiers and Black Lives Matter. He has sued the police over 75 times. He’s very far-left.

Progressives are communists and socialists, not liberals, though some liberals might be misguided enough to think that is what liberalism is. – Marxism.

This movement is a social justice equity movement. It is fully Marxist.

Closed events were held at the summit on issues ranging from using the state of California as a progressive template to expand elsewhere, to the “importance of prosecutor races,” Free Beacon reported.

We will all be California.

Soros was a conference headliner via video messages. Leftists Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi introduced Soros according to a private memo obtained by the publication.

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