Watch a Fiery Juan Make No Sense on The Five Torching Trump


Juan lost it on The Five over a discussion about Don Lemon’s moderation of the debate. Mr. Williams, the show’s co-host, thinks the moderators were unbiased.

The CNN debate moderator offered personal opinions and ripped President Trump during the Democrat primary debates. It’s clearly not his job.

The discussion continued over the questions the CNN opinion host asked. Lemon asked during CNN’s Democratic debate: “What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry?” He asked other questions about Trump’s “racist tweets attacking Baltimore.”

Clearly, Lemon stated the President was a bigot and a racist as if it were fact. Lemon also said Trump is “going all-in on white nationalism.”

That spurred ad hominem attacks from the candidates during the debates.

Juan thinks they were legitimate questions based on fact. Juan can’t differentiate between fact and opinion which caused Greg Gutfeld and Brian Kilmeade to erupt on The Five.

Juan’s impossible.


Brian Kilmeade was a guest on The Five and discussed CNN’s Don Lemon as a moderator who constantly foists his opinion into the ‘news.’ He shouldn’t be moderating debates, Kilmeade believes.

“I never saw a moderator take such a pointed question, just assumptive question [referencing a question about racist Trump]. I liked Rachel Maddow, who obviously is an opinion anchor, moderate,”  he said, referring to the MSNBC host who hosted the first Democrat primary debates.

“I didn’t even know, her opinion never came out,” the “Fox & Friends” co-host said.

“It just shows a point of view as a moderator I thought should eliminate you almost immediately from that job, I don’t think that’s your job,” Kilmeade said at one point, referencing Lemon calling Trump a racist.

Then Juan Williams went off the rails, insisting it was fact, trying to outshout everyone.

As an aside, calling someone a white nationalist is propaganda. There is no white anything. There are nationalists, period. And Trump is not a racist, certainly not for calling a rat-infested area rat-infested.

Juan wouldn’t listen, kept arguing as he is wont to do. He was very fired up. He started quoting a poll as if that proved it.

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