Watch as Corrections Officer Is Beaten by Boston Mob for No Reason


A corrections officer was on his way to work at about 7 a.m. when he encountered an angry mob and was beaten, WCVB reported.

The corrections officer was parked in his personal vehicle in front of the Suffolk County House of Correction on Atkinson Street when the attack occurred.

One criminal went up to his car and punched him in the face. The officer got out to address the violent criminal and a crowd gathered around and beat the officer with fists and a pipe. One beat him with a pipe, a 45-year-old man named Torre Jenkins.

The corrections officer was dragged away from his vehicle and beaten more, then robbed of his glasses, watch, and cell phone.

“I’ve never seen a pack of animals jump somebody like that this is something that I never thought I’s see anything like that,” the officer’s father told WCVB.

The area around the detention center is a haven for criminals. It’s known as Methadone Mile.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Boston Police Commissioner William Gross ordered ‘Operation Clean Sweep’. The police wouldn’t let anyone leave the area until they checked them for warrants — they found 15. They sent the rest to shelters.

Why don’t they always do this?

Watch the savage beating caught on a building cam:



  1. can you believe all these white supremacist beating a Black Man? oops I’m sorry I see clearly now, they were black assailants, “there is nothing to see here folks” move on!

  2. Reporting is crap. Why was he stopped in the middle of the road? What led up to the encounter? Punk in car thinks he is tough? Gets his ass kicked when he tried to be bad? Some people he abused when they were locked up might want some pay back?
    Cops treat everyone in neighborhood like criminals because one of their mouthy own gets his stupid ass kicked? How many illegal arrests and detentions did they make? How many people’s rights were violated so this mayor can sound tough?
    BS like “Operation Clean Sweep” is only possible in a disarmed society. Let them take your guns and they will use really lame excuses like “…is a haven for criminals. It’s known as Methadone Mile.” Yeah? Who says? The obviously biased, one-sided reporter?
    Cops, reporter and mayor should be fired, locked up and possibly shot for conspiring to deprive citizens of their Constitutional Rights.
    After they finish doing it to people you don’t like, they will come do it to you. Stop the bastards the first time they pull some evil crap like that!

      • Incorrect. The pack was the cops. Your pack mentality is projected onto innocent people. I was “just another _____ “. People hate cops for a reason. Never met a cop in NE that would not laugh at the thought of honor.

    • You make any number of unwarranted and unsupported assumptions. Bad Day? …I suspect it actually is a case of “bad life.”

      If is should be that you someday are rat-packed, for whatever reason, or no good reason at all, I then would like to hear your assessment of what the police should do or not do.

  3. @ Observer,
    We could have the leftist’s promise of a lawless society: no police (except for the elites’ protection), no guns for the serfs, and no punishment for minority thugs, antifa, illegal aliens & Would that Utopia work for you?
    Are “pay backs” a “Constitutional Right”?

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