Watch as Small Kids Are Dropped Off an 18 Foot Border Wall


Last month, a mother whose young children were thrown over the border fence was impaled on the fence. She was taken to a U.S. hospital and now her family is here for good. We didn’t have a video of her and her buddies throwing the kids over so we didn’t report it.

We now have some video evidence of the invaders throwing kids over the wall.

Yuma Sector camera operators observed a group of six illegal aliens, including two small children, being helped over the border wall with assistance on Monday.

The children were dropped from the 18-foot wall, which was observed by a Yuma Sector camera operator.

At least one subject in Mexico was visible helping adult members of the family group over the top of the wall.  The subject then dropped two young children from the top of the wall to waiting family members below.  The subject retreated to Mexico and was not apprehended.


The group of six from Guatemala was a family unit, including three children: a 2-year-old, a 7-year- old, and a 10-year-old.  All surrendered to U.S. Border Patrol agents who arrived on scene.  One of the children is hurt and has a facial injury. The child was treated by agents at the scene and then taken to the hospital. All were taken into custody. They will be released in 20 days.

More dependents!

We would have fewer foreign dependents if that section of the wall was replaced. It’s slated to be replaced but Democrats won’t allow it.

Watch the foreign dirtbags drop the small children from 18 feet in order to invade. Trust me when I say no politicians or media will give a hoot.


The President appealed to Democrats to fund the wall, saying it will pay for itself in two months since illegals cost us $250 billion a year. But, he’s wasting his time. Democrats don’t care.


The leftist governor-elect of California has said he will remove the National Guard from the border. It’s a clear invitation for more illegal immigration.

At the same time, an Antifa affiliate in Detroit — By Any Means Necessary — is encouraging migrants in Mexico to march on the border and try to “remove” Trump.

That is one of the ultimate goals of the leftists pushing these caravans.

Their motto is “Trump must go or be removed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” and they are inciting the migrants to march to the border. They passed out a flier to migrants, titled “Open It Up Or We’ll Shut It Down! Everyone Must Be Let In!”

Antifa self-describes as an anarcho-communist group.

The border is being breached every day. The caravan has one purpose — to destroy our asylum laws. They will get every one of these mostly fake refugees in illegally. About 15,000 breach the border every day.


3000 Migrants in Tijuana Are Missing But We Know Where They Are

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