Watch as Two of the US Women’s Soccer Team Trash the Flag


The U.S. Women’s Soccer team defeated the Netherlands on Sunday 2-0 to become World Cup champions, only some of the team lack the heart of champions. As they mugged for the cameras, Rapinoe directed one of the players standing with her to ditch the flag so they could pose for cameras. The flag was not to become part of the photo.

It’s all about Rapinoe for Rapinoe.

After dragging the flag on the ground, the player, Allie Long dropped it where she stood for the entire world to see.

Many people watching this team are doing so because they hate the USA and love the disrespect Rapinoe shows for our flag, our anthem, and the presidency. She had two of her team members behaving the same way.

People have died for what that flag represents. She was supposed to be representing the USA and Megan, and her buddy Allie should have some semblance of respect for the office of the presidency. The hatred isn’t about Donald Trump in the end, it’s about the traditional America he and his followers represent.

Megan Rapinoe is a radical lesbian, angry with the nation, and she clearly did not represent the country. Rapinoe represents herself.

The woman who wants to be a good role model wanted the flag trashed and Allie Long who was dragging it so they could pose with a third player dropped the flag to the ground. American champions don’t do that. They hold up the flag with pride when they represent the USA.

Kelley O’Hara picked up the flag and saved it.

Rapinoe, who said she wouldn’t go “to the f***ing White House,” will visit the House of Representatives at the invitation of the communist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

As the team soared to victory, the radical Rapinoe knelt during the anthem, refused to sing while it played, frowned while others sang, and said it was a “good ‘F you’” to President Trump. It’s actually a slam at the USA, the presidency, and all it stands for.

The President and the First Lady graciously applauded their victory while disrespectful youth screamed and chanted “F*** Trump” on air during a Fox show.

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John Moraes
John Moraes
2 years ago

These ‘infidels’ should be banned from all future US events. Send them to Venezuela or Cuba where they can see and live the ‘real life of a ‘Social Communist’. They will be begging to come home to this country and embrace Capitalism after two weeks!

4 years ago

Only ‘losers’ trash our U S. flag, anthem, & POTUS Trump. Rapinoe and the other two team member’s ignorance & hatred is on display for the world to see, so it’s good that it separates the U.S. traitors from patriotic Americans. Along with the other disrespectful ‘losers’ they are on a winning streak of embarrassing themselves.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This woman is an absolute disgrace to America, now she will become the darling of MSM, Hollywood, and the Socialist Left.