Watch Behar’s Joy Over Flynn’s Destruction, Possible Constitutional Crisis


A gleeful Joy Behar could not contain her excitement when she thought Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn was going to testify that Trump ordered him to speak with Russians during the campaign. It was fake news and she had to delete her tweet expressing her happiness that a Lt. Gen. is ruined and the country might be facing a constitutional crisis. She really wants to see the President ruined.

It’s not enough for him to eventually be voted out or term limit out. Such is her level of hate. These people hate all his voters too. They hate his agenda.

Sadly, the idiots in the audience applauded and squealed along with her. They’re fools.

As it turned out, it was fake news and ABC has to retract though their fake news reporter Brian Ross called it a “correction”.



  1. Because Pres. Pence would be an “improvement” over Trump. SMH.

    There’s an old saying: “Don’t wish for something too much—you might get it.”

    Perhaps these delusional left-wingers think that if Trump is impeached, Hillary Clinton becomes President? LOL!!!

  2. Joy Behar and the other four useful idiots on The View do not amaze me at all. ABC screwed up royally on this one. First of all it was OBAMA that directed Flynn to talk with the Russians prior to the election. During the transition period AFTER DONALD TRUMP STOMPED THE CRAP OUT OF BITCHILLARY, a member of the transition team requested that Flynn talk to the Russians.

    Brian Ross has been suspended by ABC for spreading lies. Joe Scarborough should also be dismissed for dementia. These political punks are imbeciles.

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