Watch Bernie Squirm As He Pushes Socialist “Medicare For All” Though It Didn’t Work in VT


Bernie Sanders was at a loss for words when confronted with real questions about the unsustainable single-payer healthcare system he is promoting in lieu of a market-based solution where people keep their freedoms.

Not one Democrat has admitted Obamacare is broken and needs to be replaced, but many are ready to double down with Bernie and go full-blown government healthcare.

Jake Tapper asked some specific questions that Bernie the Socialist didn’t answer. He went right to his usual angry talking points which he never backs up with an actual cost analysis.

Bernie’s own home state of Vermont attempted to bring in single-payer. It was to be a test case for what Obamacare was meant to become. The big spending, big taxing Governor Shumlin found himself in the unenviable position of not being able to make it work and having to argue against it.

The single-payer healthcare in Vermont required a double digit payroll tax on small businesses, as well as a 9.5 percent premium assessment on individuals. Shumlin said the taxes would be “detrimental to Vermonters.”

“These are simply not tax rates that I can responsibly support or urge the Legislature to pass. In my judgment, the potential economic disruption and risks would be too great to small businesses, working families and the state’s economy,” Shumlin said in December 2014, Politico reported.

Tapper mentioned it failed in California as well as Vermont. The only way California’s system would have worked is if Trump came in with at least $200 billion of federal tax dollars to start.

The California bill is in the Assembly Rules Committee in perpetuity because of its “fatal flaws”.

Democrats won’t admit single payer is failing wherever it’s tried or that it is unsustainable. Bernie certainly won’t. As socialism and communism fail throughout the world, he insists his brand of socialism will work.

“How do you make it national if you can’t even get it in Vermont and California?” CNN host Jake Tapper asked Bernie.

“Well it’s not, no, no, no, no. Let’s — Jake — let’s be, let’s be careful about this. A single-payer health care system, in my view, and according to studies that I have seen, would save the average family significant sums of money,” Sanders replied.

“And what Republicans sometimes do is confuse the issue, and they say, ‘well, you’re going to pay more in taxes.’ What they forget to tell you is that if you were a family of four now paying $15,000 or $20,000 per year in private health insurance, you’re not going to be paying that at all,” Sanders said, despite the fact that Democrats in his home state said three years ago that a single-payer system would be “detrimental” to the very people Sanders now says it would help.

Then Tapper asked, well, why didn’t this happen in Vermont, focusing in on the difficult political situation, not the bad economics which is why it failed.

Sanders answer was that it’s not dead in California.

It’s ironic in that Sanders also said healthcare is too complicated when it’s Obamacare that made it too complicated. Sanders has no economic prowess at all in any way. He insisted healthcare is a “right” and complained that Republicans will throw millions off healthcare.

In fact, millions will lose healthcare insurance because they choose not to pay for it. People will be free to choose. Democrats want mandatory healthcare welfare instead of healthcare insurance. It will be like that of the U.K. which is failing and which tells the people they do not have rights over their healthcare or their children’s. Remember Charlie Gard.

Sanders seemed to squirm but he can’t change, even in light of abject reality. Today, Maduro declared Venezuela a dictatorship based on a corrupted vote on Sunday. The dictatorship will be under the presidency of this former bus driver who thinks Cuba is a role model for the world. Yet, Democratic Socialist Bernie, which is also what Maduro claims to be, insists socialism works.

As Ayn Rand said, “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Maybe since Mr. Socialism got his 3rd house & his wife is under investigation for bank fraud he’s confused. No one so much as LIVING in the U.S. is denied health care. Have you ever heard of someone refused treatment in an emergency room?
No, he’s not confused he’s a liar. Medicare Part B is slated to go broke in 11 1/2 years. And that’s Bernie’s idea of doing great?