Watch Biden Tell His Corn Pop Story & an Even Better One About AIDS


We have documented endless lies and stories of plagiarism on this site that define Joe Biden’s life. He is pathological with his Walter Mitty stories and his endless lies. Perhaps the aneurysms and brain surgeries are mostly responsible although he engaged in plagiarism in college.

A newly surfaced video clip from 2017 shows Joe Biden recounting a bizarre alleged incident in which he deftly avoided a razor-and-chain fight with a gang leader named Corn Pop. This incident took place — allegedly — when Biden was serving as the only lifeguard at a predominately black Delaware pool in the summer of 1962.

It’s a strange story and given Joe’s penchant for making up stories and then putting himself in the middle as the hero, many on Twitter expressed skepticism or just outright mocked him.

Biden has also repeatedly told a false story about marching for civil rights that has been debunked. Ironically, he was friends with segregationists who are responsible for his rise in politics.

Aside from the story, his delivery is also strange.

Biden often says he applied to be a lifeguard at the pool to better understand black America. In his 2007 memoir, he alleged some gangsta named Corn Pop was his nemesis at the pool.

He claims he “learned a lot.

Recently, the pool was renamed after Biden Jr.

The Corn Pop Tale He Tells:

The story was told in front of a small gathering that included children. All he gets are small gatherings. In Biden’s retelling, he gallantly defeated the gangsta Corn Pop. Biden allegedly threatened and scared off the gangsta.

Anyway, at tale’s end, Biden was the hero, of course.

Watch [notice his black southern accent]:

Richard “Mouse” Smith, former president of the Delaware NAACP, recalled Biden’s time as a lifeguard.

“Joe understands black folks, poor folks, all folks,” he said. “He loves people.”

[Mouse is wrong. Joe’s a daft aging man, probably showing the effects of brain surgeries and he understands how to lie to black folks].

Biden’s AIDS Story Beats All

Why would Biden and Obama get tested for AIDS?

Biden Has a Racist History and His Stories Do Appear to Help

The media is doing their level best to protect Joe Biden and, even with that support, it isn’t working. An article about George Wallace from 1975 is again making the rounds.

Sleepy Joe doesn’t seem to think poor minority families can educate their children without the help of social workers to tell them what to do.

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