Watch Clinic Training on ‘Credible Fear’ Lying & Violating Asylum Laws


The left teaches people to lie and cheat and it’s no different when it comes to teaching foreigners how to beat asylum laws so they can come in illegally. Leftists think everyone is indigenous and an Indigenous Life Movement is one of the many promoting that idea.

NYU hosted clinic training for the movement Saturday. They are training lay people to teach foreigners how to say they have a “credible fear” even if they don’t. The workshops went on throughout the day. The people being trained are called “FRIENDS”.


This opening session was live this morning and you can watch it below. The moderators and lawyer call the invaders a ‘sanctuary caravan’ and they intend to destroy our asylum laws.

“We are going to change the system,” moderator Sara said.

They don’t care about “legal things” because U.S. laws are “racist and unjust”. That leaves one path to follow, she continued.

They teach long-term action and people are to say they are acting in solidarity. Their movement is tied to religious groups and is clearly opposed to the well-being of our nation.

These are the people who want illegal immigration to be considered a ‘right’. During the session, the immigration lawyer conflates immigration and illegal immigration and draws moral equivalence between invading armies of men breaking into the U.S. with Jews fleeing Hitler.

There is no question Central America has horrible gangs and poverty but that is true of much of the world and we can’t take in all these people, many of whom will be dependents. We are also taking in the culture of gangs. Where do people think the illegal drugs, drug cartels, and MS-13 and other alien gangs are coming from?

However, these people don’t care about any of that. We have very generous immigration laws but that is irrelevant to them as well.

The immigration lawyer who spoke thinks domestic abuse qualifies women and the dependents. Judges are automatically approving these cases, he said. Where do abused American citizens go?


“No one is illegal and the world belongs to no one,” says Sara and she “believes in abolishing ICE”. She means “abolition” in the full meaning of the word, and she is working towards the “abolition of detention”.

They have three rules for FRIENDS: no judgements — it’s not their place to decide if someone has a credible fear; believing that has to be true at all times; and they must do no harm.

They describe their clinic training thusly:

The Pro Se Immigration Clinic training is directed toward volunteers who want to work with Friends at the border before they present themselves to the authorities. This work will be done in Tijuana, where we will continue to train and support you. We believe in decentralizing power away from attorneys and giving it back to the community – no legal background is necessary.

Our Friends – those directly impacted – become empowered to be their own advocates. Your role will be to work in solidarity with them and help them get ready to seek asylum.

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