Watch a Disgusting Performance by McCain on ABC Sunday


Really disgusting behavior by Senator McCain on ABC Sunday. He’s shown himself to not only be a tool of the leftist Democrats, he has shown himself to be a Progressive Democrat who has infiltrated and damaged the Republican Party.

McCain loves it when the left seems to love him. Remember how proud he was when the NY Times endorsed him for president in 2007? Then they proceeded to bash him into the ground when the Democrat candidate was chosen. He was shocked, believe it or not.

The Senator from Arizona was on a rampage over Devin Nunes telling Americans the truth a week ago. That’s not acceptable to the aging relic. The hill quoted McCain as saying Nunes “killed an opportunity for a bipartisan investigation into Russian interference.

First of all, Nunes did nothing wrong and revealed information about spying that had nothing to do with Russia, information Americans should have. Even Adam Schiff, a most partisan Democrat, could not and did not refute the information once he saw it and stuck to insulting Nunes.

We have the government spying on civilians and then using the information to hurt them. This is what they do in Banana Republics.

Secondly, who in their right mind would think the Democrats would allow this investigation to be bipartisan and neutral in the first place? They want to destroy Trump as does McCain. Their only goal is to bloviate and lie. That’s what Republicans like McCain do too.

Nikki Haley, no friend to Trump, said this week that Trump has done and said nothing to stop her from hammering Russia. This entire story against Trump is bogus.

McCain also said about the Russia probe, “Every time we turn around, another shoe drops from this centipede”. He only repeats the leftist views, barely mentions the dangerous spying, which is no surprise coming from Mr. Patriot Act himself. It’s nothing but a distraction for him.

He wants a special commission to investigate. There are House and Senate investigations and the intelligence services are investigating, but that’s not enough?

The congressional hearings will be a partisan joke.

“Every time we turn around, another shoe drops from this centipede,” McCain told host Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

The shoes are the same news spun a different way and he knows it.

“We need to examine every aspect of it: President Trump’s priorities, and the other priorities many of us believe exist,” McCain said.

We can all agree Russia is trouble but the way this guy is spinning it is really repugnant. He likely wants to go to war with them.

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Bill Darcy
5 years ago

McCain is an Egomaniac and has been since Childhood.

James Hawkins
5 years ago

McCain is overdue for retirement!

Errol Reiter
Errol Reiter
5 years ago

I am no fan of McCain but this article is little more than a smear of him.

My favorite line in the article is: “We have the government spying on civilians and then using the information to hurt them. This is what they do in Banana Republics.”

That statement is a description of our own government under both Bush/Cheney and Obama……and will be accurate under Trump, too, and whomever follows him.

5 years ago
Reply to  Errol Reiter

I do not think all things are equal. There appears to be a great increase in surveillance the past 8 years. Obama was aggressive in FISA court, far more aggressive than Bush, he filed several general requests to gather intelligence, including all cell phone calls. He went after reporters. He tapped Merkel. The media attacked Bush for 8 years but I have not seen any specific charges against him in all the revelations the past 3 years. If there were some major allegations against Bush the media would have been covering it. McCain is of course a big advocate of mass surveillance. I think it is impossible to describe anything in McCain’s career in a positive manner because his career is so terribly flawed.

Helen Witschi
Helen Witschi
5 years ago

It is time for McCain to FORMALLY JOIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. He is a disgrace to America, has used his “war hero” status to further himself, when, from what I understand, he certainly brought a lot of pain and torture on fellow inmates with his singing to his captors . . . and is now turning on the party that put him where he is politically. JOHN MCCAIN, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF THE POLITICAL AREANA. YOU ARE NOTHING!

Tom Brophy
Tom Brophy
5 years ago

There is no evidence to support anything this babbling bozo believes.