Other Than Mexicans Just Walk Across Our Border Unimpeded…Video

Other Than Mexicans Streaming Across Our Borders With Drugs

The fresh video below which comes via secure border intel shows smuggling activity on trails near the border, west of Nogales, Arizona.  This is in an area where there is no fence of any type, and where Border Patrol agents are not seen on camera.  In other words, Border Patrol ground agents are not working these trails.  Physical reconnaissance of the area also shows an increase of pre-positioned food and water caches, including on trails used by drug groups.  The size of groups on the trails shown has increased over the past few months, as well.

Notice that 100% of these groups (both human and drug) are now dressed in camo.

If you go to 2:40 on the video, you will see Other Than Mexicans, possibly Africans or Cubans.

They are streaming across our borders.

There are eye witness reports that illegal aliens (moving on foot) have been spotted 135 miles north of the AZ border in the past two weeks in areas that had not seen smuggling activity for three or four years.  That is a very significant development because it indicates an increased confidence that routes and load-up sites are safe from surveillance and enforcement.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council and a 16 year veteran of the CBP, testified last week that they have arrested four times as many illegal aliens from Afghanistan in the first quarter of this year than they did during all of 2015.

Those are the ones we know about.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Bronovich said there is a strong financial link between the Middle East and smugglers trafficking from Mexico into the United States, which he describes as being “the heart of the problem.”

“We know the money’s coming in, is being paid to pay the smugglers, the coyotes, is it being used for other purposes? We don’t know, obviously it’s cash, it’s coming in, these are wire transfers so we don’t know what’s happening.” He reiterates, “Like I said, is this for human trafficking, human smuggling purposes, is it for something more nefarious where they’re sending money in to support folks who are coming here to do us harm?”

Given the terrorism threats, why aren’t we closing the borders? We’ve handcuffed the agents and pulled them from the border.

A new fast-growing cartel has stationed itself just outside the US-Mexican border in Baja and is vying for control of the lucrative drug trade in the US. The Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel has challenged the Sinoloa cartel and the murder rates are climbing.

Drug addiction is becoming epidemic throughout the United States. As we consider the drug epidemic, consider that we have no idea who these people are but we know many are drug mules. Aliens generally cannot cross without agreeing to carry drugs.

The government does whatever it wants and they are not protecting Americans.


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