Watch Fox Hosts Rudely Shut Down Coal Miner Who Sees Obama as “the Worst Destroyer the Country Has Ever Had”


The country’s largest coal company run by Robert Murray might have to lay off 80% of the employees because of the administration’s policies which Hillary Clinton has promised to continue. Mrs. Clinton has decided fossil fuels must go and money must be poured into alternative energy alone and into her campaign at the same time (crony Capitalism).

The alternative energy industry has great value but it’s not able to replace fossil fuels. The alternative power industry has become very corrupt in Europe and in the United States.

Hillary said she will invest money into  welfare or job retraining of the people who lost jobs in coal country but that’s simply more empty promises.

Sadly, they only need a dozen people or so to care for a solar farm.

Coal miners want to work but it won’t line Hillary’s pockets and they will have little sway over her.

Mr. Murray believes Trump will surround himself with the best people to get the jobs done and he told Fox & Friends that this morning.

The Fox & Friends hosts were pleasant enough until Mr. Murray said Hillary will surround herself with the same kind of people Obama has – “the worst destroyer the country has ever had”. He continued that “she said she’ll expand on his policies”  and “she will surround herself…” That’s as far as he got.

Listen to how they reacted in the video. I found them offensively abrupt. What do you think?

It’s good we have Fox but people should know that many of the people on Fox are on the left. It’s strange to see a station for conservatives run by liberals.

Mr. Murray does have passion but he cares about his employees and has been fighting this for eight years. Obama has destroyed the coal industry and he’s trying to destroy the rest of the fossil fuel industry, not because he has all the answers, but because he thinks he does.


We have pockets of people who are fighting the tyranny of the lawless but people still remain apathetic.

We have all heard about the 16 Attorneys General and Al Gore who want to imprison climate dissenters. One of the victims is the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

On June 30th, the U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker withdrew his Virgin Islands subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute following the previous day’s withdrawal of Walker’s subpoena of ExxonMobil.

“The withdrawal of this subpoena is a victory for all Americans who value the right to support causes they believe in, but Walker broke the law when he subpoenaed CEI, and he must be held to account. We continue to pursue sanctions against Walker because of his flagrant violation of the First Amendment. Justice is still needed so that Americans do not have to fear intimidation when they disagree with government officials.”

CEI notified the DC Superior Court, which is considering the motion for sanctions, of these developments in a filing following a letter from Walker’s DC attorney.

They are fighting this lonely battle for our free speech against totalitarians who demand we all just go along.

I sometimes go to the Sustainability meetings at a local college to spy on them basically. What’s going on is enough to make one’s skin crawl.

When the GM electric car, The Volt, came out, one of the local dealers had it on display outside the school building. It was subsidized with about $12,000 tax dollars per car, the trunk was fit for nothing but batteries, and it was such a small car that it wouldn’t really be a safe car for our busy, congested roads out here on Long Island.

When I politely asked simple questions about how long the batteries last, the information had to be dragged out of them and I was suddenly looked upon as the enemy for even asking.

At one point during the meeting, a young woman warned that Long Islanders will be shocked when their realize how expensive their energy will one day be because of their enormous carbon footprint. A man walked up to her and told her to stop talking about it.

At another point, a man, roughly 45 years, suddenly yelled out that he was committed to saving the planet no matter what it took. He grew more emotional as he spoke and appeared unhinged.

This movement is not normal and it’s greatly exaggerated. Leonardo de Caprio and Hillary Clinton will still get to fly around in their jets but you and I will be taking Navy showers. It’s out of control. Of that, there is no doubt.

Meanwhile, China, India, and the rest of the world will grow and develop as they pollute the earth.

Coal can be made much cleaner, Nuclear energy is the cleanest of all, fracking works, and Exxon is not the mob.

People in coal country are losing their livelihoods and will be put on welfare so ideologues can continue on.

The government is creating rules – that are laws – and violating laws we have on the books. If a government agency can make the laws, can we call ourselves a free nation, a Republic?

You can read more about Mr. Murray here.

Obama’s Unconstitutional War on All Fossil Fuels



  1. Oh I don’t know about rude, but I do know that the were probably running up a against a hard stop, which means the next commercial break was for local affiliates to air commercials of a local nature. I think they were not aware how long his answers were going to be. I agree with every word he said.

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