Watch Hate-Filled Rage Against Ingraham, Trump Supporters on MSNBC


On Sunday’s AM Joy on MSNBC, guest Tiffany Cross of The Beat D.C. went on a hate-filled rant calling Fox News’s Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump “two white supremacists.”

Cross didn’t stop there. According to her, Ingraham and her viewers are “half-wits.” Anyone who supports Trump is “ignorant,” and a “national emergency.”

Calling Trump supporters, “Maga hats”, she claimed they have no “intellectual curiosity.” As if that isn’t enough, she says they are all against God and the “country they claim to love.”

Trump followers are also “facts-averse.”

Mark Levin suggested Laura Ingraham sue Comcast for this character assassination. I’m wondering if Trump supporters can sue.

If you go to her website,, you will find it is very far-left.

Watch this, it’s off-the-charts and Cross has a large audience to whom she spews this garbage.



  1. Who is this stupid bitch. She’s calling Trump supporters wearing maga hats dimwits while her people are running around wearing pussy hats. I worked 48 years paying taxes so these people can hand over my money to illegals who have never paid a dime into social security or taxes. This money doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Eventually the money will dry up or the American people will be taxed out of house and home. These bunch of illegals are being given more of our money than ederly retires get in social security after paying into it all their lives.

    • I agree Sam. Trump Derangement Syndrome at the moron level. Between SOTU, Virginia debacle, potential murder of live babies ( save the snail darter, however ) and now the long silenced Jewish hatred platform of the Demofacisociacrats, this has been a great week for the President. I cannot believe what I am continually seeing from these lunatics.

  2. Laura Ingraham adopted her daughter from Guatemala, so Tiffany Cross how does that make her a white supremacist??? appears to me you are the half-wit !!!!!!!

  3. What a pompous, arrogant witch this woman is. I guess she’s sitting in her ivory tower perch in NYC and never set one foot on our border. I live in a border state Ms. Cross and I tell you with great certainty that there is a problem on our border; maybe not just in El Paso, but there’s more to the border than that city. Intellectual curiosity? I’m full of it and I can tell you that you don’t know one iota about what happens on the border, just your left wing talking points. If you were even half-way intellectually curious, you’d get off of your a$$ and come down to the border and see for yourself. And you think I’m a racist because I support both Ingraham and Pres. Trump.? Get out of your big city and come down here where the rubber meets the road…

  4. The scary part about all this is she accusing conservatives of doing the exact thing the leftists are about, “against God and the country they say they love”. Leftists are the atheist baby killers, trying to tear down this great country. This has to STOP, and there’s a lot of people in this country ready to just that!

    • Not to mention their brazen attacks on the 2nd and subversive attacks on the 1st-via political correctness…and the most traitorous of all their full fledged assault to have the Electoral College abolished which would effectively destroy the Constitutional Republic…banana splits for everyone!!!

  5. “Intellectual curiosity”? On a third-grade level, ask he/she/it to name five U.S. States, eight U.S. Presidents; identify Constitutional Amendments XVI and XVII; and say who lived at the Gettysburg Address.

    But those are facts, and we all know that facts to Rats are like garlic to Dracula. Try asking this bizarre-o creep why hot air rises, water flows downhill; perhaps why astronauts need spacesuits on the Moon.

    Gangrene is the color of our New Deal’s hair.

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