Watch Hypocrite Leftist Bill Maher Defend Pedophilia


The New York Times published an article on Wednesday in which Bill Maher proudly boasts of his role in taking down Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo appeared on Maher’s show last week and suffered through vulgar attacks by the panelists.

In a telephone interview Tuesday night, Maher argued that the appearance of Mr. Yiannopoulos actually “helped expose the incendiary right-wing personality’s views to a wider audience and hasten his sudden downfall.”

That’s lovely.

Perhaps Bill Maher forget his 2007 interview with Playboy Magazine in which he condoned sex with children.

Here’s some more sunlight to expose the incendiary left-wing personality’s views to a wider audience.

While we’re at it. Watch George Take, Star Trek’s Sulu, joke about Pedophilia in the next video. Why is it okay for the left-wing to joke inappropriately, but when someone on the right does it, or whatever that was that Milo did, it’s terrible, horrific and they have to be destroyed?

Personally, I’d like to know why is anyone joking about it?

Milo Yiannopoulos’s fall was set off by a sketchy and anonymous Twitter group called The Reagan Battalion. The Battalion linked the Milo Pedophilia on their Twitter page which has more than 26 thousand followers. They only have a couple articles on their website and nothing much on their Facebook page.

They claim they are conservatives and told that The Daily Dot and The Gateway Pundit embarrassed themselves saying they were tied to the hard-left, Soros-tied group The Indivisible Team. The Daily Dot found the link between the StopTrumpPAC link on The Reagan Battalion site. StopTrumpPAC is a registered political action committee created by progressive activist Nathan Lerner who is tied to The Indivisible Team.

The Reagan Battalion countered by saying they are not StopTrumpPAC, they are StopDonaldTrumpPAC and suggested some conservatives would be very embarrassed today.

The Daily Dot followed up and found that The Reagan Battalion lists in its contact information a website for the nonexistent Stop Donald Trump PAC. That group’s web presence has largely been deleted, but archived copies [wayback machine] state it was paid for by the Stop Trump PAC, a registered political action committee created by a progressive activist [Lerner], the website of which now inexplicably links to the grassroots group Indivisible.

The Reagan Battalion continues to remain anonymous and oddly decided to be interviewed by a fairly far-left website, yet they claim to be conservative. Watch out for them.

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