Watch Jussie Smollett Chat with Police While the Noose Is on His Neck


Police released 70 hours of Jussie Smollett investigative tapes in the hoax case he is accused of orchestrating.

Police bodycam video shows officers arriving at Smollett’s apartment in Streetervile. The former star of ‘Empire’ greets the police as they come into his apartment wearing a noose around his neck. He is claiming in the tape that two attackers wearing Make America Great Again hats doused him with bleach and put the noose on his neck.

Smollett’s face in the video is blurred.

“He doesn’t want this to be a big deal, you understand what I’m saying,” Smollett’s manager tells officers on the video. “The thing that makes me emotional is they put this makeshift loop, what do you call that thing, a noose around his (expletive) neck. I’m sorry, you know. And that is what bothers me, the cut thing doesn’t bother me at all. If that makes any sense.”

In this video clip, the police ask him if he wants to take the noose off and he says, “Yeah, I do. I just wanted you all to see it.”

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