Watch People Here Illegally Get Dropped Off at Greyhound

A network imports illegal aliens into the country, and no one is dealing with it. Some are starting to notice that the group leaders are responsible and get a lot of people to travel to the border by lying to them. The main group — that claims to be merely accompanying the migrants — Pueblo sin Fronteras, is filled with communists. They, in turn, are tied to Central American communists.

These leftists don’t care about the migrants. Eighty percent of the women are raped during the journey. Children are put in grave danger.

As they pour in, ICE is driving them to Greyhound terminals. They then let them roam free with a notice to return for their court date. They have no choice. Thank Democrats and activist judges.

More than 50,000 illegal aliens come through our porous borders each month, and we have no idea who they are.


Transportation company Greyhound sheltered dozens of migrants in buses on Sunday night after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) dropped them off at a station in El Paso, Texas, local police told CNN on Monday.

ICE dropped off a group of about 200 migrants at the Greyhound station in El Paso on Sunday night without warning nearby shelters, volunteers told El Paso Times

Four Greyhound buses arrived on Sunday night for the migrants to board as they waited at the station. The station was too small to hold all of them, according to CNN.

“We weren’t going to put 200 people on the streets of El Paso on a cold night,” Sgt. Robert Gomez, a spokesman with the El Paso Police Department, told the network. “We wouldn’t do that.”



  1. I wonder just how much longer this crap is going to be allowed to go on before true American patriots who love this country are fed up with the sleazy democRats, whiny crybaby liberals, hate filled progressives, and illegal alien invaders to start standing up and doing something about it.

  2. Seems corruption is rampant.

    If this doesn’t end, more people are going to get killed.

    And it won’t be the illegal immigrants, it will be government politicians and their cronies.

    America is past fed up!

  3. It’s Christmas Eve. I am disgusted this is allowed but I have to say for tonight I will not let anger against these people invade my thoughts.

  4. “We weren’t going to put 200 people on the streets of El Paso on a cold night,” Sgt. Robert Gomez, a spokesman with the El Paso Police Department, told the network. “We wouldn’t do that.”

    Why not? Maybe if they had to spend a few nights freezing on the streets they would back the hell up an go back to where they came from. I am tired of my tax money going to take care of these illegal alien invader free loaders.

  5. Vulnerable population? Vulnerable to what getting a whole bunch of stuff off the backs of the American taxpayer. Including receiving checks in the amount far exceeding what legitimate, law abiding citizens get every month. Despite the fact that they are wrought with disease, bring crime up all over the country, hate Americans. Don;t believe me go into any construction outhouse/ port-a-jon and see the evidence yourself. I for one am sick and tired of hearing Mexican where ever I go, having to wait longer, order slower and continually be treated ungratefully by these criminals. They should be kissing my American white ass, carrying me to the car each morning just to start repaying our charity. All of the Democrats are hypocrite, Anti-American POS’ and need to go elsewhere.

  6. Was the so called caravan just a distraction? Everyone got so excited about the 6000 people on the caravan and they were going to invade the country and how the CBP stopped this from happening. The article says that 50,000 illegals pass through the borders a month and no one says anything about it. For years the government has said there are 11 million illegals in the country. Now a recent study by Yale University says there are 20 million plus illegals in the country. Twice the government estimate. If there are 50,000 illegals coming into the country a month, do you suppose the 20+ million are really 40+ million??? What to do with this problem?? Stop feeding and caring for the illegals. We are turning into a piece of s**t nation. This illegal immigration has to stop now.

  7. There are several well funded nonprofits that are encouraging and aiding the flood of illegal sinto this country. The organizations are flaunting federal laws and they need to be prosecuted as conspirators,aid and abetting who are promoting and encouraging law breaking. These organizations need to be put out of business and their leaders imprisoned. Trump, hi snew attorney general and ICE can do this right now, today,but they are NOT! Just enforce the laws we already have and millions of these illegals can be returned to their own countries.

  8. When will our Govt go after the coyotes? They are collecting $$$ per each. We could at LEAST tax that dollar flow and recoup funds. AND put a tax on remittances back to Mexico by the invaders.

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