Watch Portland Leftists Knock a Trump Supporter Unconscious


Leftists in Portland attacked Trump protesters at the airport with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in attendance.

Blue Lives Matter reported:

The incident occurred Sunday night at around 5 PM. Preliminary information is that a group of Trump supporters showed up at the airport as counter-protesters. A group of violent protesters broke off and aggressively advanced on the Trump supporters. Under assault, the supporters tried to retreat into the airport, where one of them was hit in the head and knocked unconscious.

Airline employees responded to help keep people back. Finally police officers needed to shoot rubber bullets to get the crowd to disperse.

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victor dougherty
victor dougherty
7 years ago

These f*king assholes chanting peaceful protest apparently don’t know the meaning of the word. Law abiding citizens need to be protected. If this keeps up there will be war. we won’t take this shit forever. F*k your peaceful protest!