Watch the Economic Migrants Pour In, 1000s a Week, CA’s Emptying Out


Thousands of migrants/illegal aliens have been pouring into the country every year. Border Patrol says 1100 to over 3,000 come in every week, at least among those caught.

Migrants/illegal aliens from the most dangerous cities in the world. What could go wrong?

This unsustainable migration is destroying our asylum laws, our rule of law, and our culture. Criminals are getting in as well as people with communicable diseases. Few are legitimate asylum seekers.

A Tijuana official said 280 were arrested in recent weeks for committing crimes.

Genaro Lopez Moreno, a municipal delegate for downtown Tijuana, on Thursday said the arrests are in connection with drug possession, public drunkenness, and now “breaking and entering” into homes.

Watch the future U.S dependents below as they climb the border fence. Dems love fences but not walls. They want the invaders to be able to jump the barriers. We will soon have all of Central America here. They are emptying the population of the drug-infested cities of Central America into the United States.

As border patrol releases them by the hundreds, churches, who receive tax dollars for the purpose, clothe, shelter, educate, and feed them.

Global News on Friday posted a video of migrants climbing across the border fence with children and tumbling into the U.S. side.

These people came by bus and went through the gate.

This migrant/illegal alien hoped to give birth in the USA to an anchor baby, but now hopes to get in anyway.


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