Watch the media at work spreading a hoax with accompanying hate


We already reported that the cadets who were making the ‘OK’ sign on television at the Army-Navy game last Saturday were playing the Circle Game. An investigation confirmed that is what was going on and if the Twitter dwellers were the least bit kind, they would have given them the benefit of the doubt.

It became a Twitter scandal with the users ganging up in the young men claiming they were racists making a white power sign.

The users forced an investigation by the Army.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “The students likely will face punishment for unprofessional behavior for engaging in the game, but apparently were unaware that the hand sign they used has become associated in recent years with white-power extremism.”

Never has so much time been spent on a ‘scandal’ of so little merit. People have lost their minds.

The WSJ reported further, “The redacted reports released Friday by officials at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy showed that, according to investigators, the cadets were behaving unprofessionally when they flashed the hand signs in the background of an ESPN segment on national television.”

The men didn’t know the ‘OK’ sign is a white power sign and that could be because it isn’t. It’s just another Twitter hoax. There are so few of these white power lunatics but the media and certain politicians want Americans to believe there’s a large army of them while ignoring Antifa, a growing menace of anarcho-communists.

Tom Elliott of Grabien put a montage together of the evil media starting trouble. Watch how they create hysteria without even a thought about checking with the students or anyone first.

The media and leftist politicians are ideological nincompoops. With just an ounce of sense and logic, they’d know they weren’t flashing white power signs on TV.


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