Watch the promo of a new generation of drag queens as a GOOD THING???


This is touted as a milestone or something —  the next generation of drag queens. The only problem is little kids shouldn’t be groomed to be transvestites. It’s not something they came by naturally, they were taught. Little kids should have normal childhoods and this new wave of liberalism and worse is unhealthy.

The drag queen life is not something children should be taught to aspire to so they can make money or whatever.

Setting kids up for this sexualization at an early age is just wrong.

I know that I am not supposed to judge, but, come on, this is bizarre. These children have been sexualized way too early and when they perform, an audience of pedophiles and transgenders will cheer and throw dollar bills at them. I think it’s child abuse and women/mothers pushing it should be held to account. They are making a lot of money off this.

Adults who want to be drag queens — go to it — do whatever you want, but young children???

What do you think?

  • Where are the CPS bureaucrats in the cities where this is happening? Oh, I know, they’re removing children from homes where parents discipline their children or even just homeschool but CPS agencies all over the country leave children where there is known abuse. And now this perverting of children has come to light as it is becoming “popular” to abuse children in this manor and CPS does nothing.

  • Look for pedophilia to be mainstreamed when the Bolsheviks get back to the white house in the district of cesspool.

  • The kids in this video feed into this because they are attention hungry. Culture has messed up the family dynamic that used to nurture kids within the family unit. Families used to stay together more, talk together more, do things together more.

    Now everyone is plugged into their own lives (and focused on their tech devices or entertainment) so that kids feel like they need to seek validation in the social media realm instead.

    In fact, I think we have never had such a generation that craves attention as we do now.

    Sadly, I also think some of these kids are made into drug addicts and do these things for the promise of their next hit.