Watch the Swarm of Locusts Engulf Mecca, the Islamic Holy City

A swarm of insects, probably locusts, engulfed Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Holy City early last week. RT reported: They’re everywhere – in the air, on the pavement, on the robes of worshipers and on the walls of the Great Mosque.

“Specialized teams have been directed to work in the fight to eliminate these insects,” authorities in Mecca said, according to the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news site.

Saudi authorities reported that it took 22 teams consisting of a total of 138 people to clean up the infestation. Once they came, the annoying critters didn’t want to leave.



  1. When I read this headline, “Swarm of Locusts swarm Mecca” I was momentarily assuming it was in reference to the mudslimes. but now I realize it is actually talking about the real insects themselves.

    No need to insult the locust by confusing the two through context. Muslims are lower than that. Let their meteor rock worship city be eaten alive by insects. Maybe then they will realize the futility of their dead-end incorrect beliefs. I won;t hold my breath though.

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