Watch the Voting Machine Cast a Crooked Ballot


If the videos don’t load right away, try a different browser or hit this article from the home page on the site.

Watch as the voting machine votes Democrat while the person votes Republican.


  1. c’mon any fool can see a paper ballot is the most secure, and it STOPS whimpers of voting fraud !
    A Electronic vote is like a cop on duty with NO webcam, the webcam protects EVERY BODY, without a webcam every encounter is subject to lies and civil suits.

  2. The very first one shown was from 2014. I can tell because it shows Ed Gillespie vs. Mark Warner for U.S. Senate in Virginia. Another one is from 2012 because it shows Romney as the GOP nominee. If you have something form 2016 early voting, then show it, but don’t try to pass off old videos as new ones.

  3. Chris won’t believe it until it happens to his vote. All in on Hillary’s undeclared wars, gun running that kills other people until it’s his kids. We know what Chris is.

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