Watch This Short Harrowing Film That Delves Into Antifa in America


We will interview Trevor Loudon Friday, hopefully via Skype. If readers have questions they would like me to ask Mr. Loudon, please forward them to me at or post in the comments section.

Filmmaker and expert on the hard-left movement in the United States, Mr. Loudon sounds the alarm about the many Socialists and Communists in this country trying to take it down.  The focus of the film below is on Antifa, the militant arm of the Communist Party by their own description.

A Democratic Socialist group just started up near my home and they are growing throughout the country. Democratic Socialism, a conundrum in of itself, and Socialism are Communism light. Antifa is their army.

In the film which can be viewed on Mr. Loudon’s website or below, Mr. Loudon delves into the history and workings of Antifa, which is a reincarnation of the Black Bloc who rampaged through the country during the Vietnam War. They came back during Occupy Wall Street and have returned again after the 2016 election.

Antifa is essentially the same revolutionary group that appeared before the Bolshevik Revolution and appeared again in Italy and Germany prior to World War II.

After the Nazis destroyed Antifa, the Antifa and other left-wing militants joined the Nazis. One document from the period claims 55% of the Brown Shirt ranks were Beefsteak Nazis — brown on the outside, red in the center.

In the early 1990s, Antifa resurfaced to fight actual German fascists who appeared out of East Germany. They soon morphed into violent opponents of anyone stood against the far-left agenda. Antifa defines Fascists as actual Fascists and anyone who supports Capitalism.

Antifa in Germany are very dangerous and a serious threat.

Listen to the interviews in this 37 minute movie, including with Milo Yiannopoulos who talks about free speech.

Mr. Loudon also speaks with activist Lindsay Grathwohl whose father Larry Grathwohl was the only FBI informant who was able to penetrate the SDS when they went underground.

Ties to George Soros are also addressed by Mike Cernovich.

Antifa has an open field in Democrat cities where police are reined in, Mr. Yiannopoulos says. In Berkeley, Antifa works hand-in-hand with the city council.

These people are having a chilling effect on free speech.

Americans are confronted with the same adversity that faced all other civilizations on the brink of tyranny.

The film is eery and frightening. Listen to the harrowing account.

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