Watch top Dem Jerry Nadler eat while slurping during an interview


When Jerrold Nadler was 400-pounds 

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his radio show that Jerrold Nadler ate obnoxiously in between complaining that Mueller doesn’t want to come to testify.

Rush imitated Nadler’s noisy eating: (Nadler eating impression)”Oh! (obnoxious chewing) So Jerry Nadler (smacking lips) says that (chewing) Mueller… (smacking lips) Just a sec. (slurping) Doesn’t want to come.” (laughing) Snerdley, people aren’t gonna know what that’s about. We had a sound bite yesterday. Nadler was eating while being interviewed in a podcast by John Harwood and it literally sounded just like that. So I was, of course, mocking Nadler.

Rush mentioned the obvious — you don’t eat in politics, especially not rudely, swallowing and slurping.

The Rush impression can be heard below.


When biased left-wing reporter John Harwood asked him if Trump is worse than Nixon, Nadler, of course, said, “Yes.”

“Yes, I do. Nixon never…never posed the kind of existential challenge to the separation of powers and to limited government that Trump does.”

He gossiped, going back to the 1990s while slumping, slurping, and talking with food in his mouth. This is the Democrat icon who is leading the investigation against Trump in the House Judiciary. Nadler doesn’t need facts and doesn’t feel the need to present with the most basic good manners. He looks and sounds like a typical third world thug. He accuses Trump of thuggery, dishonesty, and violating the rule of law — all the things he does.


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4 years ago

I have no respect nor any use for Nadler but Harwood could have waited until Nadler finished his meal to interview. This is just rude by both of them!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  maree

There are those that can eat and talk in between. Not Nads. See him scooping up food with bread;) I read he had weight surgery in early 2000. As like most it didn’t work. He’s 5’4”. He is despicable in all ways.

Ron Miller
4 years ago

A sign of just how far our society has tumbled that this pig’s behavior is deemed acceptable by his constituents. America had better awaken. Weak and corrupt governance famously led to the downfall of the Roman Empire.

4 years ago

Nadler has always been a slob. This is just further proof of who we must defeat, soundly, in 2020.
Look at the entire leftist lineup and there is not a one who deserves any kind of elected office, or any position of trust.

Jace Anderson
Jace Anderson
4 years ago

Unbelievable the position this slob holds. People whom he represents must enjoy watching Nadler waddle about in classy dress like he’s auditioning for the role as Penguin in an upcoming Batman movie.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

These idiots are beyond belief…Stupid is!!! They also never learnt the meaning of etiquette…and they are also brain dead…to be kind!!!