We Are All Socialists Now


Obama will believe he has his mandate and that is concerning.

Obama ran a low brow, vulgar, nasty campaign. He showed himself to be a liar and he won his election by doing it well. What does that say about us? Do we now have the country we deserve?

The people of the United States, with some fraudulent voting, chose man driven towards socialism. The American Dream and all that the Founding Fathers fought for will be gone, but the good news is the misguided women will have their free birth control.

It all comes at the expense of Freedom of Religion. Oh, what does it matter, we are not a Christian-Jewish nation, we are secularists and Atheists. Government is now our God.

More good news, women can now kill their full-term babies in their womb and, yes, it’s murder but they will call it choice.

We have Obamacare for life and it is unsustainable. That rogue government called the IPAB is now entrenched. The elderly will be rationed whether they think so or not. Medicare is done.  The IPAB can tax us and lower payments to doctors and hospitals – what could possibly go wrong with that.

The second amendment is on the chopping block.

Free speech will be limited. PC limits free speech and it is Obama’s language of choice. We are already well on our way to extreme PC.

We will see no budgets and Republicans will be blamed.

Our armaments and missile self-defense will be decimated. More Benghazis to come.

Internet control, UN treaties that send money for our resources to the UN, Rights of the Child Treaty, International Criminal Court will be our new overlord and International law our new constitution.

Constitution as we know it – goodbye.

Welfare state on steroids.

Oh, but I mustn’t forget our free Obamaphones.

Goodbye Israel, hello terrorists.

Crony socialism and regulations that will kill small banks and small business will continue. The doling out of money to failing solar and wind companies will also continue.

EPA and other government agencies will grow to European proportions and we know how well they are doing. The end of coal and fraking eventually to come. Forget Keystone or any improvements in energy development.

Open borders will be put on steroids.

Best of all, spending without budgets, destroying the rich, moving jobs to China, seeking more dependence on foreign oil, and extending more apologies to the terrorists.

More support for al-Qaida. Whether that’s naiveté or deliberate, I can’t say.

Our President lies and says the opposite of what he does so he has plausible deniability. We also have Pravda for a media.

Spread the wealth, hate the rich, hate middle-aged white men, demonize anyone who gets in the way, and as Obama said, we voted “for revenge” which Valerie Jarrett apparently is working on as we speak.

I don’t know if Republicans can easily win a presidency again. Look at Scott Brown. He’s as liberal as a Republican can get. He’s a decent man, and he was up against a liar and a cheat with a weak personality but he lost. How do you compete with attacks and lies?

Romney ran a good campaign. He did the best he could and was the better candidate. Unfortunately, we have crossed a threshold. Too many of the electorate are takers. It is changing the American landscape.

There is more but it’s enough for now.

The words of a Democrat I worked with now come to mind. She said she did not believe in the Constitution, the balance of power or a two-party system. Is that what our country stands for now?


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