We are all Stalinists now! Candace Owens denied care as an unvaxxed one


Occupy Democrats, typical far-Left Dems, are showing their Stalinist colors. If Candace Owens doesn’t do what they say, she will not be taken care of by health professionals, and they are more than fine with that.

A private healthcare facility in Colorado wouldn’t test her since she wasn’t vaccinated. Forget the Hippocratic Oath with these people. And, it’s also a private facility so they don’t have to do anything. They can be unethical.

The only problem is it’s the only one around that could test her.

The clinic said they “cannot support anyone who has helped make the pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, discouraging masks, and dissuading” vaccinations.

This is literally ‘nuts’! If you have a differing opinion, you may not express it. They will ban you from healthcare.

The Occupy Democrats apparently think Stalinism is A-OK.

COVID is very dangerous for some people but not most and this level of alarm and abuse can only be to control people. Personally, I did get the vaccine because of a health factor, but no one should be forced to take a vaccine.

I have already heard so many stories of people being banned from treatment because they haven’t gotten the jab that it is beyond belief. That moron Don Lemon for one promotes no care for the unvaxxed.

She is a young woman who probably wants another child. Why should she take a chance on a shot when they really don’t know what the effect could be on her or the baby? She’s low-risk as well.

Ms. Owens is complying with the mandate and they won’t let her do it.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Psychotic Totalitarianism and Tyranny…supported by medicinal quacks…

2 years ago

So what happens is people don’t get the healthcare they need and end on the hospital ER door step where they have to treat them. I actually changed doctors because they were going to require everyone to get the vaccine including those of us with Natural Immunity antibodies. That just insane! No one but a Quake would require you to get the Chicken Pox vaccine if you had the Chicken Pox as a Child. I’m reading a lot of studies out of Europe indicating that the vaccines are “Leaky” and contributing to the mutations, while people with Natural Immunity are not mutation super spreaders. Because of the CDC and FDA, we are doing everything wrong and basically killing people. People with Natural Immunity should be considered the Gold Standard, but then Natural Immunity doesn’t make any money for Big Pharma, as does low cost Therapeutics prescribed early. Because people can’t get Therapeutics prescribed by a doctor they are resorting to “Livestock” versions of medications. The Democrat run Government is destroying Medicine in America in their attempt to get a political advantage.