Let’s Pay For Europe’s Unsustainable Debt Because They Don’t Like Us


The EU Wants Your Money & They Don't Like You

That is literally what we are doing – paying for Europe’s unsustainable economy and they really can’t stand us to boot. Are we trying to buy love – everyone knows how well that works. We give billions to countries where the inhabitants hate us or merely dislike us a lot.

We recently doubled our contribution to Egypt and Tunisia so they can build new weapons, possibly to one day use them against our allies or us. The people in those countries, according to Pew Research, really dislike us by a margin of 9 to 1. We follow the same policy in Europe. We are helping fund their unsustainable (socialist) governments, and, despite all of President Obama’s efforts, they don’t like us very much – never did. Why are we paying for Europe’s excesses when we are broke? If Europe were to cut some of their spending and entitlements, that would be a different story, but they are not cutting – they are spending. Let them riot in the streets – who cares.

In our own country, we are supporting excesses without cutting spending, and many people in this country are resisting. So why, then, don’t we resist giving our money away to pay for the same insanity in Europe? Isn’t that what the Libyan war is about – protecting France’s oil? Greece might fall and bring other European countries down with them and they still won’t cut spending and entitlements. We are going to increase our contributions to the EU, a group that has no use for us.

This info is from EconomicPolicyJournal.com: “… the lead candidate to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn as head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, is a total insider, hardline bankster. She will protect every pound of flesh owed to the banksters…”

In other words…
“If Ms. Lagarde becomes head of the IMF, she will most likely continue to throw loans at the eurozone problems – if there are even preventive programs for Spain, Italy, or Belgium, the IMF will need to tap its shareholders for at least another $1 trillion in credit lines.

Ms. Lagarde personifies the strategy of gambling for eurozone resurrection with other people’s money. Why would taxpayers in US and elsewhere want to support her on this basis?”


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