We Believe Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Blasey’s Simply Not Credible So Far


There is no possible way to prove Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence. The alleged victim doesn’t know where or when the ‘assault’ took place and she won’t testify. In the USA, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, he is innocent.

Journalists and Democrats are literally saying the judge is presumed guilty. He must not be appointed to the Supreme Court.


She doesn’t have any witnesses although she did name two friends of the Judge’s who vehemently deny it.

Another of her Facebook/Twitter witnesses, a woman by the name of Cristina King Miranda, tweeted that it happened. Her proof is that news of it was all over the campus. She attended the same school as Christine Blasey Ford– Horton Arms. But when people questioned Miranda on Twitter, saying Blasey said she never told a soul about it until 2012, Miranda waffled. She deleted the tweet and has since deleted her account.

Then there are the 2012 therapist’s notes that don’t back up her story. The notes reference four boys and she says two were in the room. When the discrepancy was pointed out, her lawyer quoted Blasey blaming the therapist for making a mistake, although such a mistake is highly unlikely.

It is also interesting to note that Christine Blasey only released hand-selected portions of the notes and the therapist isn’t one of her witnesses.

Blasey’s tale is fraught with disparate elements. She dramatically describes a near-rape and a fear that she would be killed, but she never even explains how she got home. She came up with another witness, a girl she went to the party with, but she doesn’t remember her name either, just the name of the boys who didn’t go to the party with her.

The professor never told anyone for three decades and it came up as a repressed memory during the 2012 therapy. Recovered memories that were repressed for years have been found to be wildly inaccurate. She might be telling the truth as she remembers it and she might have been assaulted by someone or not, but the memories are questionable. False recollections can be due to fantasy, illusion, or hallucination-mediated screen memories, internally derived as a defense mechanism.

Innocent people have gone to prison over others’ suppressed memories. Those types of memories are not reliable enough to justify destroying a person and his family.

Blasey doesn’t know where the party was. Taken with the other key elements she can’t remember, she is not credible. The preponderance of evidence is on the judge’s side.


Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy writes in NR online that it has all the earmarks of a “set-up“. He bases that on the “flimsy evidence” and certainly the timing.

He also said if the Democrats get away with this, the only decent people who will go into politics will be “decent progressives’.

About the Democrats’ letter to Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), the Judiciary Committee chairman, he said his favorite part was where they said, “based on published reports”, some senators already “made up their minds.” McCarthy remarked on the “gumption” on the part of Democrat activists claiming it’s “non-partisan” given that these are the same people who decided to vote against Judge Kavanaugh long before the hearing started”.

He wrote, “What a crock.”

In another op-ed by McCarthy at Fox News, he writes about the attacks on Judge Robert Bork and Justice Thomas that highlighted the left’s avoidance of condemning Ted Kennedy killing someone and Bill Clinton being accused of raping women.


Sadly, “journalists” like Chris Cuomo are claiming that the presumption of innocence only applies to court cases. It does not apply in the court of public opinion. What a terrible thing to say.

Anyone can say anything and if the media hypes it up enough to convince the mob, that’s okay?

In the case of Dr. Ford, she doesn’t even have to show up to testify to the Senate asfar as the mob is concerned.

Hollywood celebrities have made a video saying she’s credible and they believe her. Pins and signs saying, “We believe Christine Blasey Ford” are everywhere. Below, you can watch the mob chant in front of the Senate building.

This is what affects public opinion and this is what Chris Cuomo, a “journalist” says is good enough to destroy another person.

Judge Kavanaugh’s wife was even pilloried for giving cupcakes to the reporters tormenting her family.

Democrat Christine Blasey is a far-left activist who has donated to communist Bernie Sanders and who attended at least one far-left anti-Trump rally. She hired a very far-left activist lawyer who is tied to the evil leftist George Soros. That makes her look like a politically-motivated claimant.

Journalists, except for Fox, are on board in the destruction of Judge Kavanaugh and they do want him destroyed. They want to be certain he never again serves as a judge in any capacity. The mob has said so.

McCarthy quoted Bob Bork in his article. Robert Bork called the abuse thrown at him during confirmation hearings — that Democrat nominees have not had to face — the “end of civilization”.

Of course, it is.

Far-left radicals stormed the Senate building to inflict more political damage in the case of Brett Kavanaugh over an accusation that is so far not credible.


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