We Believe the Women! Celeb Astrophysicist Accused of Rape & Groping


Democrats will undoubtedly believe the woman in the case of left-wing hero Neil Tyson, won’t they? Or does that only apply when a man of the right is involved? We obviously don’t believe people should be believed without evidence and everyone should have due process, but when Justice Kavanaugh was going through the nomination process, he was given no rights. We were told we always have to believe the woman.

Neil deGrasse Tyson a celebrity astrophysicist is accused of groping and raping at least one woman. Fox and National Geographic are investigating.

Dr. Katelyn N. Allers, a physics professor at Bucknell University, alleges that Tyson “felt her up” at an after-party following an American Astronomical Society conference in Long Beach, California.

She wanted to have her picture taken with him and her friend but he took an interest in her solar system tattoo and began following it with his hands up her arm and her back up to her neck.

She found it “creepy”.

Another woman, Ashley Watson, told Patheos that she quit her job as Tyson’s assistant after her boss made inappropriate sexual advances toward her.

She says Tyson invited her to his apartment at 10:30pm one night to “share a bottle of wine” and “unwind for a couple of hours.”

Watson, who says she felt pressure to impress her boss, agreed to have a glass of wine.

To make a long story short, he made very suggestive comments to her.

The third woman is Tchiya Amet, a musician and teacher. She studied galactic astronomy in the graduate program and alleged that Tyson drugged and raped her in 1984.

You can read the details at The Daily Mail but we do wonder if the left will run around with ‘I believe the woman’ buttons and bang on the doors of Fox screaming for his head. Since they don’t care about due process or the rights of men, shouldn’t they just believe the woman?


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