We Build the Wall Says a Rogue Open Borders Official Is Lying to Media


We Build the Wall, an initiative to collect private funds to build the border wall on private land, is under fire by a rogue public relations department of the International Boundary and Water Commission.

The lawyers for the IBWC have been working closely with the group and approving it every step of the way, but that is not good enough for Lori Kuczmanski.

According to the chief organizer of the project, the woman in the PR department leading attacks on the group, Lori Kuczmanski, has been reprimanded for lying. Everything she says, including lies, gets reported in the local and national media. She is an open borders proponent, according to Mr. Kolfage.

She mandated that the gate in the wall be locked open so their road into Mexico isn’t blocked. They don’t want to bother with a key apparently. An agreement now allows We Build the Wall to close it at night only.

She is the same person who said the group couldn’t block access to a monument – a small trivial obelisk. It doesn’t look like something that would draw crowds in the middle of nowhere.

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