We Can’t Stop the 1200 Illegals, We Have to Set Them Free in the US


Most have heard by now of an imminent invasion of 1200 illegal aliens about to hit our border. Most of the marching illegals come from Honduras. They are being led by an open borders group while BuzzFeed chronicles their journey. What people don’t realize is we have to let them into the country and then set them free inside the country.

This has been going on for years.

Border Patrol agent and union spokesperson Brandon Judd explained to Pete Hegseth on Fox&Friends that a Mexican agency is helping these people come into the U.S. The group should be prosecuted in the United States but no one does it.

Sessions, where are you?

They openly do this because they know the ‘catch and release’ program continues today. It allows them to enter and stay in the U.S. illegally.

Once they arrive at the border, they will be set up for deportation, Judd explains, but they will never see those proceedings. After border patrol sends them to ICE, ICE processes them and releases them with a ‘notice to appear’ about two years from now.

The illegal aliens then go hide in the shadows again until an asylum deal comes up. They never show up for their deportation proceedings.

The Fox host asked Judd why they just can’t be held at the border. Judd described what happens and how that isn’t possible. He said, once these people enter the country, all they have to do is put one foot over the border and they’re here. If they ask for asylum or say they have a ‘credible fear’, they have to be taken into the country.

Judd asked, How many have to die before we do something?

The fact is we have been allowing this for years. This isn’t the first caravan of illegals. It’s one of many and it goes on all the time.

The Man Who Lost His Son to an Illegal Alien Weighs In

Jamiel Shaw, whose son was senselessly murdered by an illegal alien, has a message.


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