We Could Be Mars! Scientists Want to Experiment with Blocking the Sun


Scientists have decided to attempt a geoengineering experiment. Researchers from Harvard University are going to try to use particles to block out the sun in an attempt to save humanity from global warming and cool the planet.

Climate Change isn’t anywhere near as threatening as crazy left-wing scientists.

The colossally bad idea of messing with nature hasn’t slowed the geoengineers. Their big idea is rooted in history.


According to Popular Mechanics: In 1991, the volcano Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, sending millions of tons of ash and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. This layer of particulates lowered global temperatures by almost a full degree Fahrenheit for the following two years.

Researchers postulated that they could duplicate the reaction to cool the earth and ward off the harmful effects of global warming.

We could get into a discussion of whether they can predict anything about global warming, but that would get too involved. One thing is sure — the scientists are clueless as to what damage they could do by trying to affect the temperature of the earth with chemicals.

One study published last year found that spraying particulates into the atmosphere around the Gulf of Mexico could trigger droughts in sub-Saharan Africa.

The scientists will do a mini-test to see how it works.

If they try hard enough, they could make us into Mars — which is -63°C.




  1. Except that WE’RE NOT HAVING GLOBAL WARMING!!! Russian scientists have PROVEN that it’s the sunspot activity of the sun that’s responsible for about 97% of the global cooling and warming that takes place. Right now we are having a Maulder minimum (very low sunspot activity) that will result in colder winters, more active volcanoes and lower rowing seasons. By reducing the sunlight even further thousands of ordinary people are going to die from starvation and disease!

  2. The Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 poured more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than all the activities of humans in all of history. Yet the effects on climate lasted only a matter of days.

  3. The brilliant psychopaths will soon kill off ALL plant life as they “block” the suns’ rays…not to mention the C02 they wish to”eliminate” is necessary to maintain plant life and produce oxygen….and they call themselves “scientists”??? That is okay I guess as those who report in the mainstream fake media ALSO call themselves “journalists”….

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