“We Don’t Tip Terrorist” Waiter Got a Customer Banned for His Lie!


Another racist hoax story unravels! The waiter who alleged he received a racist note admits he faked it but says he doesn’t know why he did it. That’s a convenient excuse.

His hoax story went viral and was very harmful. The waiter – ex-waiter – even got the customer banned but still didn’t admit to the hoax. Eventually he told the truth and the customer was invited back. But, he’s not working for the restaurant any longer.

“A waiter at a Texas steakhouse made up the viral story about a customer leaving him a racist note,” his employer said Monday.


The 20-year old waiter Khalil Cavil said he received the message on the receipt from a customer who dined at the Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas.

Cavil wrote in his post, which was deleted as of Tuesday morning: “I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists. Although, this is nothing new, it is still something that will test your faith.” Cavil’s Facebook page also appears to have been deleted.

The customer he lied about was actually banned.

“After further investigation, we have learned that our employee fabricated the entire story,” Terry Turney, COO of Saltgrass Steak House, told the Odessa American in a statement. “The customer has been contacted and invited back to our restaurant to dine on us. Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments.

Falsely accusing someone of racism is equaling disturbing,” Turney said.

Khalil wrote the note himself and said it was a “mistake”.

Sorry, that’s more than a mistake. It shows bad character. He also accepted monetary donations he says he is returning.

This kind of thing divides us as Americans and is very damaging to race relations. He also hurt some innocent customer.

Hopefully, he feels ashamed and will straighten out.

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