We Finally Know ‘What Happened’, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer Cost Hillary the Election


NY Times op-ed delivered fake news Friday disguised as opinion with an article by Jill filipovic titled, The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election. It’s no secret that Democrats are struggling to understand why their horrible candidate with a sex molesting husband lost the 2016 election. Many reasons have been given but none seem to be quite enough for the distraught left.

Ms. Filipovic might have found the answer and it wasn’t the Russians, Jim Comey, Obama’s popularity, mean women, Fox News, racists. No, there is another reason that we have all missed.

Matt Lauer, like Charlie Rose and Mark Halperin – male journalists the author observantly notes – are sex harassers and they were too hard on Hillary [that’s opened to debate]. Filipovic writes, quoting Hillary here:

…“Every day I believe more in karma,” Clinton said to that, referring further to several “men who shaped the narrative” during the campaign who have since been sidelined in the wave of sexual harassment scandals…

Many of the male journalists who stand accused of sexual harassment were on the forefront of covering the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Matt Lauer interviewed Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump in an official “commander-in-chief forum” for NBC. He notoriously peppered and interrupted Mrs. Clinton with cold, aggressive, condescending questions hyper-focused on her emails, only to pitch softballs at Mr. Trump and treat him with gentle collegiality a half-hour later.

Mark Halperin and Charlie Rose set much of the televised political discourse on the race, interviewing other pundits, opining themselves and obsessing over the electoral play-by-play. Mr. Rose, after the election, took a tone similar to Mr. Lauer’s with Mrs. Clinton — talking down to her, interrupting her, portraying her as untrustworthy. Mr. Halperin was a harsh critic of Mrs. Clinton, painting her as ruthless and corrupt, while going surprisingly easy on Mr. Trump. The reporter Glenn Thrush, currently on leave from The New York Times because of sexual harassment allegations, covered Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign when he was at Newsday and continued to write about her over the next eight years for Politico…

Of course, why didn’t we all think of that!

Our media just sank to a new low from the unbelievable Rwanda-like low they had already attained.

The journalistic standards are set by The Poynter Institute and on Monday, they probably pointed to the article as newsworthy.

It’s not fantastical at all!

It’s official. We have a Banana Republic media.



  1. No surprise. sleazy sex-perts skew the scene as part of the Left scenario The bad and the ugly swamp the Good the Noble and Beautiful every time. All in the name of “liberalism” that’s never freeing.

  2. LOL …. to each his own. Everyone had their reasons. (It’s more likely that Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer lost their jobs or careers because some delusional person believed they cost Hillary Clinton the election).

    Were Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer discussing issues such as high crime rates, anti-police anti-white racist sentiments sweeping the nation, Digital Fraud sweeping the Nation, Unexplained deaths sweeping the nation, Pedophilia, child sex trafficking, Seth Rich’s death, the cheating by the DNC against Bernie Sanders, the alleged Hillary Clinton body bag count … and on and on?

    People didn’t watch the (FAKE, biased, ignorant or just mediocre at best) news and or read the alleged FAKE internet to make a decision. Many didn’t even have to leave their homes or perhaps just peek out side their homes to know …. the country will never survive taking on more of the same.

    The country was spinning out of control from some new form of hatred never seen (or heard of) before. And, Obama and Hillary were either completely BLIND … or pretending to be. They never addressed the issue … LIED about the issue … and just kept going in that same DEADLY and DANGEROUS direction without a care in the world by those affected by this criminal activity.

    (Instead kept trying to blame the white man … the white man is the devil … all while knowing full well … that was NOT the truth and in fact they were targets and victims – not the devil). The DNC became PURE EVIL.

    People take death and losing their loved one(s) seriously. The DNC wasn’t counting on that reaction.

    Physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    When your voters DECIDED to simply kill innocent (even Democrats) for being white or wealthy simply for wealth or to take their land/home and you encouraged local law enforcement NOT to solve these crimes on your behalf to cover up evil, crimes, oppression – what ever – to benefit the Democratic Party you should have expected to loose. Perhaps citizens can’t force local law enforcement to do their jobs with more accountability in solving crimes but, citizens can choose NOT to vote these leaders/people into office that carry these same sentiments.

    Bye Bye Hillary … and the Democratic Party …. your HATRED and RACISM got the best of you.

    Matthew 19:24 … God help those who do not understand. The world became full of teens and young adults who did not / do not understand the power and the glory of God. Too many chasing the dollar for happiness.

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