We Found Steve Israel – We’re Expecting to Find Most of Congress Here


In a Smithtown News article by Rep. Steve Israel on January 16th, it was interesting to learn that Representative Israel was shocked to find out that much of the merchandise sold in our National Parks was not made in the USA.

I wonder where has he been for the last four years. He asked the question, “Don’t we have businesses to print calendars or make Teddy Bears in the USA”.

My answer to him is, we did have those businesses, but they where forced out of business by excessive regulations, unions and taxes.

I was once one of the people who placed the total blame on Congress for our current woes. Further studies have led me to believe that our Executive Branch shares equally in these failures.

This administration has taken extraordinary steps to circumvent Congress. When Congress rejected the Cap and Trade Bill, the EPA went around them to try to control carbon dioxide levels. When Congress rejects strict gun control bills, the Justice Department writes regulations to try to get around Congress. The President has used “out of session” appointments when the Senate was in still in session.

I don’t know if it will take the Executive Branches burning down the Capitol Building before Congress realizes that this Administration is intent on making Congress irrelevant.

When elections come in November, our President will take up the waters of innocence and declare it wasn’t his fault; that Congress is to blame for the failures. Some of the good people of America will be blindsided by this ploy.  

Representative Israel should wake up and realize his own party is out to destroy him, along with all the other members of Congress. Shades of the Weimar Republic!

Frank Rauch, P.E.

Smithtown, NY


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