The First Shots of the War Have Been Fired at Our Inherent Right to Free Speech


Free speech is our inherent right but the leftists marching against our history, our culture and our heritage, want you to believe they have they right to limit your speech and if you don’t comply, they will use force. They have fired the first shots directly at the First Amendment.

We saw them at work on the Boston Commons Saturday when 40,000 leftists came marching in, pitched for battle, against, at most, 300 free speech advocates, with only 36 making it to the stage. The free speechers had to abandon their rally.

They weren’t Nazis or KKK, they were Americans, young and old, standing up for their right to speak.

We see their use of force in their battle for the soul of the south on the false premise southerners have no right to be proud of who they are.

We have Americans who can’t tell you when the Civil War was fought and they certainly can’t tell you why if they think slavery was the only reason. The left exploits the lack of knowledge of Americans about their own history to wage a new war against the south.

This is the second Civil War and it begins in the south.

The left plans to destroy the culture, heritage and pride of the south under the guise of eliminating all of their so-called hate. After that, they will head for the North and the West, to destroy the rest of the culture.

These are the cultural Totalitarians.

We should instruct people about the Civil War but not via the profoundly corrupt media. In fact, the Civil War is almost irrelevant when it comes to this new civil war.

This war is for the minds and hearts of the nation. Success requires silencing all opposition and erasing our pride in who we are.

This is leftist, oppressive ideology trampling our First Amendment. It is the initial phase in conquering a nation. There can be no American exceptionalism and no American identity if the left is to win.

The bastardization of the First Amendment is being misrepresented by the left as a purification of the overly-broad right given to Americans by government when in fact government does not give us rights. Our rights are inherent.

Julian Assange today tweeted an article by ConsentFactory Inc., titled, A De-Putin-Nazification of America Update. It’s about the insanity of mob rule and the movement to take away our free speech. It’s very well-said. Three excerpts:

So the de-Putin-Nazification of America couldn’t be going much better at the moment. In terms of emotionally manipulating people (and especially any heretofore wayward members of the American “left”) into forming a mindless, hysterical mob and running around like headless chickens branding anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton a goose-stepping Nazi, this past week has been a huge success. At this point, if you haven’t yet posted an anti-Nazi loyalty oath on Twitter, Facebook, or some other platform, you’re a potential “Nazi sympathizer” … and you don’t want to be one of those, now do you? No, I didn’t think you did. So, if you haven’t done that, you’d better get on it. Here are few tips to get you started….

….It should also include one or more of the following:

(1) If not an outright call for the First Amendment to be repealed, then at least a demand for a ban on “hate speech,” and the removal of every hate-based statue, flag, painting, book, film, song, joke, or other expression of racism, hatred, religious bigotry, misogyny, extremism, general rudeness (and any other forms of speech or expression that you don’t like) from public view. Don’t worry about the ramifications of this ban. It will never, ever, be used against you, or anyone that you agree with, or against any authors or artists that you like. It’ll be a ban on “hate-speech,” after all, and it’s not like that term is completely subjective, or subject to the whims of those in power, or anything like that.

(2) A demand that the already overly-broad definition of “terrorism” now be expanded even further, to include the fascist who drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, killing one and wounding many others. Never mind that this murderous idiot seems to have done this on the spur of the moment (or, if it was a planned attack, that he’s even more of an idiot than he seems, which, judging from his mug shot, is hard to believe). The important thing is to help the Resistance expand the definition of “terrorism” to the point where they can slap it onto anyone. Again, don’t worry about the ramifications. The “terrorist” label will never, ever, be used against groups that you approve of, or innocent people in faraway countries that some future president wants to murder with drones. The Resistance would never, ever, do that. They know who is and who isn’t a terrorist. And if they don’t, they can always check with Obama…

…A reference (either veiled or direct) to someone who may be a Nazi-sympathizer. This is crucial in terms of motivating others to post their loyalty oaths, and fostering an atmosphere of paranoia, which is always so helpful at times like this. Surely, you know of someone who has said, tweeted, published, or posted something that could be interpreted as “Nazi-friendly.” Don’t bother with the Trump supporters. The corporate-owned media will take care of them. You want to go after other leftists, specifically leftists who have been reluctant to call Trump Hitler, or a Putinist agent, or who disagree with you about Syria, or, you know, just people who get on your nerves. This is a golden opportunity to pore through their tweets and Facebook posts, find something you can use against them, and then accuse them of harboring Nazi sympathies. Given the current level of hysteria, few people are going to check your facts. This is one you can really have fun with. See how far you can push the paranoia. Make up elaborate conspiracy theories. If you’re not quite sure how to go about that, check The New York Times or The Washington Post … they’re masters of that kind of thing.

It’s no laughing matter that violent leftists want to take away our free speech as did the former administration.

These people are the anti-free speech people who hope to take the United States to a very dark place where they currently dwell and they are doing it via the media. We are seeing the power of mass delusion and mob rule.

They are neo-communists paving the way to their oppressive utopia. We have heard the first shots. Which side are you on?

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