We Know the Name of the FBI Informant in Uranium One Along With Some Facts


Senate Republicans say their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in approving a deal to sell U.S. uranium mines to a Russian company hinges in part on the testimony of a secret informant in a bribery and extortion scheme inside the same company.

The informant has been identified as William D. Campbell, a lobbyist, who says he worked undercover for the FBI and has critical information, including documents, about the Obama approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mines in the U.S. to Russia’s Rosatom.

Mr. Campbell confirmed his identity to Reuters.

Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who has not previously identified her client, said despite Campbell telling the government ”how corrupt the company was,” Rosatom still got permission to buy Uranium One.

Warning sign outside Uranium One

At the time of the sale, Campbell was a confidential source for the FBI in a Maryland bribery and kickback investigation of the head of a U.S. unit of Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear power company.

William Campbell headed Sigma Transnational and was identified as the informant in court papers. He was working undercover in conjunction with the Russia-owned Tenex as a consultant.

Some of the information in the complaint suggests Campbell had a significant role. Vadim Mikerin was a Russian official in charge of U.S. operations for Tenex, a unit of Rosatom. Authorities later accused Mikerin of taking bribes from a shipping company in exchange for contracts to transport Russian uranium into the United States. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Maryland and was sentenced to prison for four years.

In the lawsuit in which the informant was identified, his role was described in some detail. “The Defendants started demanding cash and wire transfers of sums of money from the Plaintiffs and threatening the Plaintiffs (Campbell and Sigma) with physical harm and economic injury to their business if they did not cooperate with these demands,” the suit alleges.

Campbell is the one who provided the information the FBI used to arrest Mikerin and others. Yet Reuters is reporting that people who know Campbell (anonymous people) are skeptical and the FBI agents they spoke to don’t remember him. They are anonymous also.

Campbell countered those who dismiss his knowledge of the Uranium One deal. “I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it,” Campbell said. He declined to give details of those documents.

The complaint dated 06/06/16 gives Campbell’s address even though he’s afraid of it being publicized. It also states that his information led to the “eventual federal arrests of Mikerin and Condrey” and despite his help, “in the intervening years of the FBI’s investigation, Campbell has suffered threats of violence, physical and mental stress, and the Plaintiffs have lost at least $460,000, but likely as much as $760,000, in illegally diverted income.”

Mikerin had hired Campbell’s small firm as consultants for Russian-owned Tenex (a company involved in the Uranium One deal) despite his having no experience with nuclear fuel sales. No one yet knows why he was hired. He not only didn’t have experience, he only had about four employees.

Campbell said he wants to testify before Congress because he is concerned about Russian activities in the United States.

Based on what is uncovered, second Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton’s role in Uranium One could be appointed.

Hillary is reportedly not directly involved in the Uranium One deal but she benefitted from it enormously and was indirectly involved. Her husband was very directly involved with the Canadian company that sold the mine and with Russians. Her boss while she was secretary of state, Barack Obama, approved the Uranium One sale and two other connected deals in 2011 and 2012. There is a lot of smoke here.

The informant was under a gag order but it was partially lifted so he could testify to Congress behind closed doors.

This complaint is probably what has Hillary Clinton so concerned. She told Mother Jones in an interview this week that any investigation of her is an “abuse of power”, among other odd things.

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