We Listed Every One of Grandma Hillary’s Accomplishments Right Here! With Videos!


Trigger Warning: We’re making fun of her!

Hillary Clinton

Political commentator Donna Brazile said during an interview discussing Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects that she has more “accomplishments” than all the Republicans combined.

Donna Brazile: “The soul and spirit of the Democratic Party is one and I think if Joe Biden decides to run, he will have significant support within the party. That won’t take away from the fact that Hillary Clinton commands a solid democratic lead because people like her. They know her and look, Alex –“

Alex Castellanos: “They like her?”

Donna Brazile: “Come on, yes, they like her, they respect her, they know she will fight for the middle-class and she has a record of accomplishment that not one of the Republicans — I would say all of the Republicans combined could not beat her.”

That’s inspirational so we decided to list her accomplishments.

For one thing, she wiped her server clean and doesn’t even know it isn’t done with a rag. She’s amazing!

Her two chief aides destroyed their cell phones, but she has promised that her administration will be the most transparent ever.

How inspiring! We like her, we really, really like her.

We didn’t bother with her stint as a New York senator because even The Daily Kos couldn’t find an accomplishment.

No one even talks about all those donations and speaking fees any more. She is opposed to campaign finance by the way. Ironic,huh?

In Benghazi, she helped get four men killed by paying absolutely no attention to security and then she lied about it repeatedly, but ‘what difference…at this point…does it make.’

Egypt was another event she took credit for along with Barack Obama. Kicking Mubarak out and almost putting Egyptians under the perennial dictatorial rule of The Muslim Brotherhood was a feat. I’m sure the Egyptians appreciated it.


Libya was another. It’s now a failed state and home to ISIS, al Qaeda and other bands of madmen, but she came, she saw and Gaddafi was brutally slaughtered which drew sinister cackling from Mrs. Clinton. Her sense of humor is another feature for which she has received praise.

Hiring a Chief of Staff whose mother, late father and brother are important players in The Muslim Brotherhood was a great idea. Another accomplishment.

Rosie Perez said ‘she was instrumental with women across the world of ending violence against women worldwide.’


Almost none of what Rosie Perez said here is accurate.

Hillary was asked to list her accomplishments and she said she ran the best race she could and handed the baton over. She represented us around the world and let the world know we were back. She ‘restored American leadership in the best sense’, she said.

Her Russian reset worked well.

She electrified the presidential race.

She is known for having braved sniper fire in Bosnia.

The Independent Sentinel asked Mrs. Clinton if she thought she was qualified to be president, and this is how she responded:



  1. Remember when McCain was running in 2008 and everyone was concerned about his health? “He’s had skin cancer, He’s old, His face is all puffy on one side”. Hillary after when asked about her part in Benghazi, had a stroke, fell over, had to wear special glasses while she testified and left her job at the State Department. How come no one is worried about Hillary’s health and whether she is fit to be the POTUS?

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