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Barack Obama and David Cameron gave a joint press conference Friday morning that echoed everything they said in the past. The biggest news is that Mr. Obama will veto any legislation that places sanctions on Iran. The negotiations are less than 50-50 that they will work, Mr. Obama said. David Cameron is calling Senators to lobby them against passing sanctions.

WTH? Cameron is lobbying our Senators? Never happened before. Doesn’t make Obama look very strong.

Cameron and Obama differed on the way they view Islamic extremism. Cameron called it “Islamic extremism” and a “death cult” but Mr. Obama called it “violent extremism.” They both agree on how to deal with it.

Mr. Obama began his address mentioning the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans in which the British lost their bid to retake the U.S. Then he said we’re friends now.

They both agree the problems we face can be rectified mostly by economic security and jobs. The global economy is the issue and they both plan to stick to their economic plans including the signing of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Mr. Obama thinks we are successfully fighting ISIS.

The fact is that ISIS has gained land and lost none.

Cameron said the enemy wants to turn a great religion into something it’s not.

Cameron and Obama will continue to train and equip Iraqi forces.

Never mind the Iraqi army is replete with Iranians.

Cameron has a committee to consider what else they can do.

Ukraine was mentioned and they will continue to press Putin to solve the problem.

The best way to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is to NOT place sanctions on Iran, Obama said. Iran is building nuclear weapons facilities with the permission of the West. In answer to a reporter’s question, Obama said Iran will not obtain a nuclear weapon. When he came on the scene, the world was divided but he united them with brilliant negotiations and a “hard-nosed discussion of their nuclear program”.

He seems to believe that.

He claimed the program was rolled back even though Iran is building two new nuclear reactors and probably helping Assad get the bomb.

Israel is on board according to Mr. Obama though that might come as news to Israel which has been left out of the negotiations.

The unity he has maintained with the world, Mr. Obama boasted, has forced Iran to negotiate in a “serious way”. China and Russia have cooperated with us, he claimed.

I can hear hippies singing Kumbaya.

Obama portrayed Iran as suspicious of us. Unfortunately, we are not suspicious enough of them. They need a hug.

Mr. Obama said there will be “verifiable assurances that they are not developing a nuclear weapon.” Sanctions are out because they could end the possibility of a deal. The risk would be a “likelihood of the entire negotiations” falling apart. Iran will go back to developing a heavy water reactor, underground facilities, accelerating advanced centrifuges, and they would be able to maintain that they ended the negotiations because the U.S. blew up the deal with sanctions.

Congress is talking about sanctions already in place being renewed if the deal does not go through. They are not talking about adding new sanctions.

Mr. Obama will veto any bill with sanctions.

By saying this, he has told the Iranians that the U.S. is negotiating without any threats of any kind.

Peace, man.

Sanctions were on the precipice of destroying Iran economically but Obama is now building Iran up and giving them legitimacy. Sanctions did nothing to stop the nuclear program however.

Instead of their being a “tiny country” as Obama once described them, they have become powerful players under Mr. Obama.

Cameron said even if there is a deal with Iran, there will be continued pressure and monitoring of Iran. In other words, we will have the same situation we have with North Korea only with a wealthier and more committed enemy.

Iran is the number one sponsor of terror in the world.

Poverty and climate change are the serious problems that must be addressed in Paris, Cameron said. They have the potential to give security to generations to come, he stated.


Mr. Obama insulted Europe, blaming them for the problem of radical insane Islamists:

“Our biggest advantage, major, is that our Muslim populations – they feel themselves to be Americans,” Obama told a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case. And that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces… it’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.”

Cameron admitted we face an “Islamist terrorist threat” and the British have to keep their country safe. He listed a number of things they will do that, and while he’s not Winston Churchill, he comes off better than Mr. Obama who just sent his Secretary of State out to give a “hug” to the president of France in the aftermath of the Paris terror attack.

Mr. Obama said we “didn’t stand on the sidelines” in Syria as the critics maintain.

He made it seem as if the only other possible option was to invade Syria.

He boasted that we’ve dismantled Syria’s chemical weapons while there are reports out that Assad is building nuclear weapons.

Mr. Obama said “should diplomacy fail, we have to look at other options” but it won’t be immediate war-footing. He said the deal will be “a good deal” with “scrutiny across the board.” He will continue to try everything and nothing is on the table.

He told Congress “to hold your fire.”

Congress is talking about sanctions because they are afraid Mr. Obama will give away the store. They are trying to cut him off at the pass.

With respect to “violent extremism”, Mr. Obama said he’s worked collaboratively with Europe.

He won’t say Islamic extremism. He sounds like a fool.

He’s reaching out to communities as a way of solving the problem of violent extremists. The most recent events have amplified those concerns but he’s learned “there’s always more we can do, we can do it better, we learn from our mistakes…”

Blah, blah, blah

He said our Muslims feel American when asked about homegrown terrorism. I’m sure they do but it doesn’t change the fact that we have those marginal individuals who are being or will be radicalized.

He doesn’t want to respond to violent extremism with military or law enforcement [heaven forbid]. Opportunity is the way to go he believes.

What he said is not what the majority of citizens want to hear.

Social media and the Internet is the way the terrorist organizations are communicating. He blamed Snowden for the loss of trust in the way the government has operated in these areas while protecting privacy. He is going to pass executive orders on cybersecurity.

Cameron wants Obama to talk to companies like Google to help crack the codes, share info with law enforcement.

We will post the video by this evening.

I like this song but I don’t like it as a foreign policy:

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