We Think We Know Why the Only Not Far-Left TV Network Has Sinking Ratings


FNC and Fox News is still dominant but there are warning signs for them and it undoubtedly evolves around their Trump coverage to some degree. Fox and CNN are basically tied and Fox has shed viewers. CNN is closing in and nipping at their heels.

Trump bashing and Trump promoting might be one reason. Losing trust in the network could be another. There is always the fear that people are choosing Hillary over Trump and are going to CNN to find out more about her.

There are a large percentage of Democrat commentators on Fox. The Fox table at the White House Correspondents Dinner was a table of Democrats. Every White House correspondent, including people on Fox are liberals.

In February, Fox News had dropped almost 50%, while many on Fox cable were attacking Trump. Quotes with the Brand Index say that Fox New Channel (FNC) “had reached its lowest point in three years,” which seemed to directly coincide with Trump’s rise in popularity and the polls.

Also in February, the Buzz score which estimates an audience’s approval was over 49 after the first debate. Since then it steadily dropped to a low of 14 in February.

In March, Fox News reported that for the first time in its nearly 20-year history, Fox News Channel clocked the biggest quarterly crowd in basic cable, in primetime and in total day. In total day, FNC delivered its highest rated quarter ever in total viewers. It bested all cable corners.

In April, CNN reported that CNN cable beat Fox for five months out of eight including April in prime time and narrowed the gap elsewhere. CNN has the most growth of any network.

Deadline.com reported CNN bagged most news-demo viewers who tuned in to watch Donald Trump mop up in all five states on Super Tuesday 4, while Fox News Channel clocked the biggest audience overall.

AdWeek posted an article the end of April stating that CNN is now “No. 1 in Prime Time Demo on Cable News.” They handily beat Fox in the prime demographic of adults, ages 25-54. Of course this is CNN talking.

I picked this chart up from weasel zippers:


CNN has increased viewership by 125% overall and 106% in the news only demo.

If you go to adweek and check out the daily ratings, it doesn’t appear that Megyn Kelly has been the cause as many believe. Both Kelly and O’Reilly are doing well.

Why then is this happening? CNN still has many boring hosts.

Megyn Kelly was anti-Trump for a long time but her ratings didn’t nose dive. Now she’s come along and most of Fox cable is the Trump show.

Fox is predominantly election coverage and for me, that’s a problem.

Fox doesn’t report much news. Climate change appears to be banned as well as massive illegal immigration except for the Cavuto show – we mostly get Trump news.

There is a lot going on in the world. Our borders are overrun; the refugees are pouring in; Kerry has repeatedly made a fool of himself; the climate pact was signed and Obama is following it; several Supreme Court cases will destroy us; land is being stolen by the Feds and farmers and ranchers are being abused; the fossil fuel companies are under assault by the EPA and Attorneys General; ISIS is slaughtering people and raping eight little girls to death; Islam is a problem in the US; the anti-white, anti-police hate needs more honest discussion; and Obama is trampling the Constitution on every imaginable level.

You won’t hear that on Fox since the Murdoch sons took over and Ailes was somewhat shelved. Then there is that Saudi sheik who has been a part owner for several years – we don’t know what role he plays.

The First and Second Amendment are under grave assault but you would never know it on any of the stations.

Then there are the communists running around with Soros paychecks tearing up rallies and anything else Americans stand for but these so-called news channels barely bother to tell people the ‘protesters’ are ‘communist and socialist rioters’. Fox is the one that mentions it the most.

The economy is a blipping disaster and Obama gets to lie about it daily from his bully pulpit. We need more details on that.

Back to what might be conceives as unfair election coverage channel. Trump has garnered 384 minutes on FOX while Cruz had 182. When Trump is on, he regularly calls Cruz lying’ Ted, without much opposition. What lies exactly is he referring to?

The Cruz people often won’t watch and the anti-Trump people often won’t watch because Fox is the Trump show now, but what else is going on? The pro-Trump people might be watching but are there too few? Are they bored and want some variety? Do they too want fair and balanced?

Some believe people are moving away from Trump and towards Hillary, thus the shift to CNN.

Others believe Fox moving left and neutral.

People who dislike Megyn won’t watch; taking Andrea off the air is a bad idea.

They keep Rivera, Colmes, Juan and drop Andrea?

Being totally Trump takes from their trust factor — Fox first pushed Bush on us, then Rubio, now Trump – right there, you can see all the people they’ve alienated.

Hannity lost some credibility when he became the Trump show though he denies that’s true, which might also be a problem.

Trump is very popular with some very devout fans and looks like a winner. However, some see him as liberal, a liar, (not ‘lying’ Ted’ – him), and he has destroyed the Republican party along with Barack Obama. RINOs like Mitch McConnell and lobbyists are running to Trump. Cruz has other Republicans, some good, some not so good. It’s a mess folks!

This is at a most dangerous time in our history. If Hillary wins, the US will be full-blown socialist on the way to communist.

It might not be their early-hate, late-support of Trump and lack of news, it could be Fox is seen as buying-in as a propaganda network that is helping CNN’s rise.

Cruz and Kasich often don’t have time for Fox because they get asked attack questions or gotcha questions. Alarmingly, CNN is actually fairer to them.

Some say the Saudi sheik but Prince Alwaleed bin Talal only owns 1% of the network. Others say it’s the left-wing Murdoch sons pushing the network left that is the problem.

I don’t support Trump over Cruz, I’m the anti-Hillary voter personally.

For me, it’s a matter of my wanting them to just give us the damn news and a little less taking sides in the election. I want to make up my own mind.

Where is the anti-Hillary news?

Fox needs to look more critically at itself before we lose the only not-far-left network to the banshees of Socialism.


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