We Took a Different Look at the Debates Because We Hate the Media



We hate the media and don’t like to be manipulated which is why the Sentinel exists. The Thursday debates didn’t necessarily make us like the media more though the afternoon debates were non-controversial and informative.

The media likes to tell us what to think and how to think it. Talking heads are important in helping us analyze to a point as long as people understand they’re all biased.

There is no substitute for listening to the candidates ourselves and making our own decisions. That’s why we consolidated the clips from the Thursday evening debates so those of our readers who are political junkies can look at each candidate individually and better study the questions asked.

Generally, the media can’t be trusted. The best TV outlet for Conservatives is Fox News which has moved to the center over the years so they can live up to their fair and balanced slogan. That is more than CNN and MSNBC would ever do but they aren’t targets of Obama’s ire either.

Not to defend Fox after Thursday’s attack debates but there have been claims over the last couple days that Fox News donated over $3 million to the Clintons dating back to 1992. The donors were actually 21st Century Fox/News Corp. 21st Century Fox is known to be liberal but the cable news station is a subsidiary and, if anything, it leans right though they deny that. However, they give people like Sean Hannity a platform.

The debate Thursday evening on Fox News brought in 24 million viewers but angered some or many of their regular viewers. The initial questioning of Donald Trump appeared to be the attack to “take him down”, an attack which was promised by a veteran Politico reporter who allegedly heard it from inside sources. What made that seem more accurate was the fact that Megyn Kelly promised the evening prior to the debate to manage Trump.

Megyn Kelly, attack dog

There were no denials from Fox that they intended to “take him down.”

People just want fairness. Even many non-Trump supporters were unhappy about the way Trump was handled.

It probably took away from the candidates because everyone was waiting for more sparks to fly or stewing over the opening questions.

It wasn’t boring, I’ll give them that.

Actually, listening to the questions individually in the clips below might change your mind somewhat.

Each of these candidates is intelligent, knowledgeable, and deserves credit for being willing to serve the country and put themselves out there to be ridiculed and reviled – some are more worthy than others but that is for you to decide.

The editing was rushed.


Dr. Ben Carson, retired Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon:

Mr. Donald Trump, entrepreneur:

Mr. Donald Trump August6 from Sara Noble on Vimeo.


Senator Marco Rubio of Florida:

Sen Rubio August 6 from Sara Noble on Vimeo.


Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida:

Former Gov Jeb Bush August 6 from Sara Noble on Vimeo.


Senator Ted Cruz of Texas:


Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, the Huginator (sorry about that, couldn’t resist):

Gov Chris Christie August 6


Former Governor Mike Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee August 6 by


Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin:

Gov Scott Walker August 6 by


Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky:

Rand Paul, Republican debate August 6 by


Governor John Kasich of Ohio:


  1. Cruz, Carson, Rubio, and Huckaby stood out more than the others. Paul seemed like he had sour grapes, Bush was pretty good except for his comments on Amnesty, Trump and Christie came across as bullies, and Kasick came across as boasting about how fair and wonderful he is because he gets along with everyone! ( a feel good person)

  2. After Bret Baier’s opening question in the first few seconds of the “debate” I changed channels to Mountain Men. It was abundantly clear to me this was going to be a two hour take down of Trump. Fair and balanced? Bullshit! We have another 15 months of this before the election? May God help our miserable souls if this all ends up as a Hobson’s choice of Bush or Clinton!

    Mark Twain’s quote from many years ago keeps creeping into my thoughts; “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it!”

  3. just from the pictures stopped on the presentation page, three men stand out as willing to listen. Carson, Trump and Paul. The others were either defensive, marginal, or outright obstructive, with tongue in cheek or commiserate. If you are open for debate, your body language says so.

  4. Millions of people were looking forward to an informative debate with lots of issues, personalities and contrasting views.
    What an incredible disappointment. Fox did a great disservice. I & many others turned it off early on. As I read afterwards I did not miss anything.

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