Wearing a Trump Shirt While White Gets a Youth Pastor Beaten


President Trump’s Hollywood star, recently smashed with a pickaxe by a Democrat, has become a battleground for pro- and anti-Trump youth.

The star has already been replaced but it’s covered with plywood until the cement takes.

Singer/songwriter Joy Villa was at the star’s location near the corner of Hollywood and Highland, smiling next to a larger-than-life size Trump cutout and singing the national anthem.

A youth pastor Elijah Schaffer went out in a Trump shirt and an America hat to see how supporters of the president are treated in public. He was with Ms. Villa.

They offered tourists an opportunity to have their picture taken with the Trump cutout.

Someone approached them, criticized him for being white and someone called Ms. Villa a “n****”.

A group of protestors started chanting, “F*** Donald Trump” and a brawl erupted.

Mr. Schaffer’s camera and gear were stolen. He has set up a GoFundMe page to replace the thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

They attacked his security guard and they jumped into save him and the other camera man they were attacking. One of the agitators stole our primary camera right out of my cinematographers hands and ran away.

This past week, a man trashed it with a pickaxe and was bailed out by another man who pickaxed it into non-existence in 2016.

Dem Who Smashed Trump’s Star in 2016 Bails Out Dem Who Destroyed It in 2018

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