Weather Forecasts Are Terrifying And You Know Why


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Did you notice how dramatic the weather reports are getting? Greta Van Susteren of Fox News said Wednesday that “the weather forecasts are terrifying.”

It’s going to snow in January! Imagine that!

Storms now have names and the global warming alarmists and the media are beside themselves and we all know why.

There hasn’t been any global warming in 18 years or at least we thought there wasn’t. NOAA couldn’t account for where all the heat had gone but they found it 700 miles in the deep sea.

global warming

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is also altering temperatures which happens to accommodate their preconceived notions. That should be a headline.

NOAA has announced that 2015 is the “hottest on record”. How is that possible when the hottest was 1997? At least NOAA said it was. They changed their mind and readjusted the 1997 temperatures – it was cooler than they thought – by more than three degrees.

July 2012 had been reported as the warmest month on record. For a while, July 1936 was but then it was decided it’s July 2012. Then it shifted again and July 1936 won back its position.

NOAA says the adjustments are necessary to make valid comparisons. Remarkably, they always work in favor of their preconceived notions.

There is no data for any of this. It’s all based on 2010 computer models. We don’t know if global warming is something that happens on earth routinely because we don’t have any historical data. We don’t know what went on before.

There are only about 1,200 or so temperature stations with data that go into the calculation. That’s one thermometer for every area the size of Missouri. Temperatures can vary significantly between localities, let alone across that much surface area, The Daily Caller reported. The locations of the land-based thermometer stations change as well.

The headline for this latests announcement about 2015 should be that NOAA altered temperatures and found global warming in the deep sea.

If you don’t buy this, you could one day go to prison so fall in line sheeple!

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